Friday the 13th Season 3 Art and Date

Yes, the finale of this great show was probably one of the hokiest things that has ever aired on TV, but damnit, the rest of it was great! Come this September you'll be able to see for yourselves as the final season of this premium slice of Eighties cheese hits DVD!

Hardware Uncut on DVD? HELL YES!

Someone pinch us. We have to be dreaming! Wait ... we are awake? Badass! Joining the likes of Phantasm II and Night of the Creeps on the movies we never thought would see an official release onto DVD ever -- BUT ARE list is the Richard Stanley 1990 sci-fi/horror cult classic Hardware!

Jennifer's Bloodied Body

A few new images popped up online today of star Megan Fox suffering from a bit more than just the usual monthly cramps in her new film from Fox, Jennifer's Body.

Cast Fills Out for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Some movement on the Guillermo del Toro produced Don't Be Afraid of the Dark remake. Two actors are getting ready to star beside the already cast Katie Holmes. Who might they be?

Matt Reeves Talks Let The Right One In Remake

Let the Right One In is widely considered to be one of last year's best horror films, and with good reason. The film lives up to every ounce of hype that it had. As we reported months ago, Cloverfield director Matt Reeves is in line to create a remake of the Swedish horror delight for us Americans, and he recently spoke a little bit about his upcoming flick.

Halo-8 Reveals Pop Skull DVD Art

A month ahead of its release on DVD, the cover art has been revealed for Pop Skull, a manic, twisted, drug-infused, and award-winning psychological horror film directed and co-written by Adam Wingard.

Exclusive: Jennifer Lynch Talks Surveillance & Hisss

Even though director Jennifer Lynch has been out of the game for a while now, putting her family and her health first, that doesn’t mean that the director has lost any of her focus. That’s why 2009 is shaping up to be such an important year for Lynch as she has two films ready to herald her return behind the camera — Surveillance and Hisss.

Exclusive: David Kagen Talks Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Actor David Kagen has enjoyed a long and successful career over the last 30 years, spawning appearances on over 250 television series, multiple movie roles and an acting school that has been training performers for years. But even with all those credentials, there is one role that might end up being the milestone in his long career — Sheriff Garris in Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives.

Set a Date with The Hills Run Red

Finally Dave Parker's slasher-fest The Hills Run Red has got itself a release date to go along with its bitchin' cover art!

30+ Images from Carriers

And the news about Paramount Vantage's infectious film Carriers holds firmly on the fast-track with the release of over thirty production stills for you to cover your mouth around.

DVD Release List: June 30, 2009: Scream for the Second Coming of Kaidan and Monster X

Lots of monsters in this week's DVD round-up, but for my money, the pick of the litter has to be Golden Age Ghost Tales with the likes of Boris Karloff, David Niven, and Ronald Reagan starring in seven spine-tingling half-hour ghost stories selected from several top anthology TV series from 1951-1962.

Hodder vs Englund in the Fear Clinic

We never did get that taste of horror goodness we so desperately wanted with Freddy vs Jason (thanks for nothing, Ronny Yu). For fans it wasn't just about the characters -- it was about seeing two of our favorite genre actors/icons in one movie. Now, thanks to Robert Hall and FEARnet, our murderous DeNiro and Pacino will finally be sharing the same screen!

An American Werewolf in London Remake in the Works

It was only a matter of time. Here's the deal, and we're just going to have to accept it: If a movie is even slightly good or has even the tiniest of cult followings, Hollywood is going to remake it. There's just no doubt of this anymore.

Grace Coming to DVD and Blu In September

Good news out of the Anchor Bay driven Grace camp - the controversial little film that everyone has been screaming (and fainting) about will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray hi-def on September 15th with lots of bonus features to sift through upon delivery!

The Lost’s Marc Senter goes Red, White & Blue

British filmmaker Simon Rumley, the director of 2006’s The Living and the Dead, got in touch with Dread Central last night to provide us with first word (and pics, see ‘em below) on his latest feature Red, White & Blue.