Lee Perkins Talks Slime City Massacre

Lee Perkins checked in with us a little while ago with some additional info on his latest project Slime City Massacre, including an interview and more!

Final Trailer for I Sell the Dead

IFC Films' latest acquisition, the Slamdance award winning zombie opus I Sell the Dead (review here), just nailed itself a new trailer to go along with its limited release on August 7th, and we've got it served up for you fresh and cold!

The Mo Brothers Offer Macabre PSA

The Mo Brothers are a pair of Indonesian siblings who caused quite a stir on the festival circuit with their short film Dara. Now the directing duo are set to make their feature film debut with the slasher film Macabre but not before providing a PSA about cell phone usage which should be played EVERYWHERE!!!

Twilight: New Moon - Meet the Volturi Clan

A leaked photo has hit the 'Net today featuring a look at five of the Volturi from The Twilight Saga: New Moon in full costume, along with a gander at the group's official seal! Wait, official seal? We need to get one of those damnit.

Venice International Film Festival Announces Line-Up

Although Cannes, Toronto, and a few other film fests garner the lion's share of media attention, the Venice International Film Festival is certainly no slouch, as evidenced by the fact that it's just about to celebrate its 66th anniversary. The fest's line-up was announced today, and we're happy to report that quite a few genre offerings were included, both in and out of competition.

SDCC 09: Rob Zombie Talks H2, T Rex, Superbeasto, and More

Rob Zombie puts it plainly, "My Halloween 2 has nothing to do with your Halloween 2.” Critics of Zombie’s first Halloween remake were told he did have the original in mind when crafting the film, the result cleaving said critics down the middle. Now we are mere days away from the second coming of Michael Myers, so we sat down with the man behind the new Shape to see what to expect and what else is brewing in Zombieland.

Satanic Panic Scores Distro! New Stills!

It's always nice to see the little guy make good. Big studio films have a habit of swallowing up the indie scene, but lucky for us some really good stuff can stand whatever Hollyweird can throw at it. Case in point -- Marc Selz's Satanic Panic.

Joseph Kosinski Taking Us to Oblivion

Joseph Kosinski, director of the Tron Legacy, is all set to take us to a whole other realm of existence known as Oblivion. Don't be expecting any glowing suits or light-cycles though ... this world is darker. A whole lot darker.

French Trailer and One Sheet - The Final Destination

Screaming is a universal language, and never has it been more apparent than in the French trailer for David R. Ellis' The Final Destination in 3D, which will be hitting theatres here on August 28th.

Six Hi-Rez Stills: Sid Haig: Dark Moon Rising!

Who doesn't love themselves some Sid Haig? As you know, the Captain has a new werewolf film coming out really soon, Dana Mennie's Dark Moon Rising, which also stars Max Ryan, Maria Conchita Alonso, Billy Drago, and more. To celebrate the film nearing release, we have several images of big Sid doing his thing for you guys to dig on!

Rachelle Lefevre Reacts to Being Bumped from Eclipse

In an interesting follow-up to the news that Bryce Dallas Howard would be taking on the role of Victoria in the upcoming third installment of the Twilight saga, Eclipse, we're now hearing from the original actress who portrayed the vamp on a vendetta, Rachelle Lefevre, and she is apparently none too happy about the swap.

HURRY! Unfinished Zombieland Trailer Unearthed

Zombieland looks amazing, and this new trailer will show you just how amazing in spades. There's one thing though ... it's pretty much unfinished, and once word of it being online gets out, I'm sure it'll be gone in a flash.

SDCC 09: Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton Talk The Collector

Generally in horror you really aren’t supposed to talk about fairy tales. However, longtime friends Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have enjoyed a whirlwind (and fairy tale-esque) career since they arrived on the scene in 2005 through their involvement with "Project Greenlight".

SDCC 09: Fred Dekker Talks Night of the Creeps DVD

While walking the superhero-infested halls of the SDCC, we ran into Night of the Creeps director Fred Dekker and spoke to him about all things interesting! Including ....

A Perfect Batch of Stills from A Perfect Getaway

Can't wait for August 7th to get here? Need your Milla fix now? Don't worry, kids! We've got a boatload of stills from David Twohy's new thriller A Perfect Getaway to tide you over!