Italy's Monkey Boy is On a Rampage

There's one thing you should fear about Italy. It's not the Cosa Nostra or even the danger presented by that wacky leaning tower; it's the Monkey Boy. What's that, you ask? Well, the word absurd comes to mind.

Survive! ... This Trailer If You Can!

Filmmaker Jeff Chitty dropped us a line today with the trailer for his latest movie, Survive!, which proves that more horror can come while visiting an auto repair shop than from just viewing the bill!

Horror's Recent and Future Box Office Showing

The box office results for current releases The Collector (review here) and Orphan (review here) are in, and although neither is burning up the charts, both are logging respectable showings.

Event Videos: The Collector Premiere Red Carpet

Within the next few days we'll be taping our Dinner for Fiends mashup of Comic-Con, Orphan, and the newest kid on the block, The Collector. Before we get in our last words about Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan's latest slice-and-dice endeavor, we thought we'd give the cast and crew a chance to put out a few words of their own.

SDCC 09: Dexter Season 4 and Gallery Updates

In the course of updating our San Diego Comic-Con 09 photo gallery, which already includes hundreds of pictures (with more to come) of horror collectibles, costumed attendees, and celebrities both on panels or just walking the convention floor, we realized the newsy bits gathered during the presentation for Showtime's "Dexter" went out via Twitter but never made it to the site. Allow us to correct that oversight immediately.

Silent Hill Haunted Attraction Coming this October

Here at Dread we're absolute suckers for haunted mazes and attractions. Last year we saw more than our share of badass parks from Universal's Halloween Horror Nights to Knott's Scary Farm...but one of the stand-outs was Jeff Schiefelbein's jaw-dropping "SAW: The Haunted Attraction" in Orange County, CA.

Summit Goes Viral with The World of Twilight

Visitors to Summit Entertainment's official New Moon site can now get an extra dose of Edward, Bella, Jacob, and the rest of the gang thanks to the launch of the studio's first viral marketing campaign for the franchise, The World of Twilight.

Make a Date With The Roommate! The Box Pushed!

Looks like we're all gonna have to wait a few more days for Cameron Diaz to show us her Box, but on the bright side The Roommate has a move-in date!

Lindsay Lohan to Swing Machete?

Could it be that everyone's favorite foul-mouthed bisexual troubled starlet is about to star in Robert Rodriguez's upcoming film Machete?

Third TV Spot Halloween 2

A third TV Spot for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 surfaced today just in case you haven't reached the saturation point yet in terms of coverage. Will you remember his name? Check it out!

Marc Price's Colin Picked Up for UK Distribution

It isn't every day that a low budget indie zombie flick gets picked up for theatrical distribution, even if it is only a limited 6- to 15-screen release. But when said flick cost less than $100 to make, well then, it's time for some serious celebrating. Such is the case for Marc Price's Collin (review here), which is being released by Kaleidoscope Entertainment.

SDCC 09: Being Human Creator and Cast Roundtable

During the San Diego Comic-Con we had a chance to sit down with Toby Whithouse, Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow, and Aidan Turner, the creator and stars of "Being Human", a witty and thought-provoking look into the lives of three twenty-somethings and their secret double-lives … as a werewolf, a ghost, and a vampire, respectively.

Halloween Horror Nights' Saw Page Goes Live!

Halloween is exactly three short months away, which means the evil masterminds behind Halloween Horror Nights are hard at work trying to think of new and different ways to scare the shit out of attendees. This year Jigsaw is waiting; prepare to step into his demented world.

Four More Behind-the-Scenes H2 Stills

Another day. Another batch of stills from Halloween II. Ok, getting a bit bored now. Please Rob ... save something for the movie! We feel as if we've seen the damned thing already.

L, Change the World: DVD Release Date and Cover Art

Viz Pictures announced today that the final chapter in its popular Death Note live action series, L, Change the World, directed by the legendary Hideo Nakata, will be hitting DVD on August 18th.