The Hills Run Red: Extensive Interview with Dave Parker

Here at Dread Central we're really excited for you guys to check out Dave Parker's new slasher film, The Hills Run Red. The reason why is because we've seen it and know exactly how much ass it kicks. Now it's time for you to be brought up-to-speed and into the know.

*UPDATE* New Stills from Infestation to Bug You Out!

Bugs are like living monsters. Think about it, man! They have claws, multiple eyes, pincers, frigin' horns, you name it! There's no reason for them to be crawling around on this planet ... unless of course it's to spread mayhem and carnage so that we can have a full scale war a la Starship Troopers and wipe them from existence.

New Stills: Night of the Demons and Zombie Women of Satan

Demons and zombie women who hail Satan? Now that's what we call a party! You know the drill by now! Dig them below! Aw yeah, mama!

New Stills: Dread and The Horde

Another round of stills from this year's Film 4 FrightFest that should entice both Clive Barker fans and you ever-so-hungry fans of the living dead!

New Stills: Giallo and Coffin Rock

New stills came our way today for two of the films playing this year's Film 4 FrightFest, and what good would we be if we didn't get them to you post haste?!?

Wrong Turn 3 Makes a Date with DVD and Blu-ray!

Everyone loves a deformed and bloodthirsty hillbilly. The horror genre is proof positive of that. Over the last several years the Wrong Turn series has delivered all manner of mayhem, and come this September and October you'll be able to sample all of the carnage in full 1080p!

Dread Central Turns 3! GET NAKED!

You know, with all of the exclusives, images, news, and reviews we've been pumping out lately, something just occurred to me -- we forgot to mention one very important thing ... Dread Central has just turned three years old!

The Exorcist Going Blu-ray!

Here's a question ... Once you've watched The Exorcist: The Version You Have Never Seen, do you get mad every time that you look at the box and notice that it's now lying to you, or do you just accept the "version you have never seen" statement as one of the devil's tricks?

Human Centipede Stills Slither Out

Update 3: Human Centipede wins best picture at 2009 Screamfest LA. Update 2: A Human Centipede video clip from the movie has just been released. Updated: Check out our new Human Centipede review

Wanna Play in the DeadWorld?

For years Spidey has dominated your geeky shelf space, but Shocker Toys is looking to change all that. The first series of Indie Spotlight is in stores now, pitting The Maxx, Kabuki, Scud and others against your Marvel and DC mainstays. Now, DeadWorld gets its due!

The Wolfman to Howl at Halloween Horror Nights

In what seems like a complete no-brainer of an announcement, Universal Studios announced today that there will be a The Wolfman attraction at this year's Halloween Horror Nights!

Two New Stills from The Descent Part II

Two new stills have surfaced today for The Descent Part II, which is getting set to make its premiere at Film 4 FrightFest in the UK, and we've imported them here for you along with a hot plate of fist and chips!

Alex Winter Finally Unlocks The Gate

Alex Winter’s Freaked remains one of the most amazingly underrated films I’ve ever seen. In fact, I love it so much that it has bought the former Bill & Ted star eternal goodwill in my eyes. Normally I balk at the prospect of horror films of my youth being remade, but you can’t seem to escape that fate these days. And with Alex Winter at the helm, I’m actually looking forward to the updated version of the Tibor Takacs flick The Gate.

Of Darkness Trailer Offers Lots of Women in Panties

In a world in which women never wear anything more than skimpy lingerie comes a ghost armed with a knife and quite possibly a spectral erection. Are you ready? Grab your lube and let's go!

A Collection of The Collector Posters

We've been talking about Marcus Dunstan's The Collector for a few weeks now, and with good reason ... the flick is looking pretty sweet! Today we got our hands on all three of the film's posters in all their artistic goodness.