More On The Crow Remake

A few more details came in today regarding Stephen Norrington's remake of The Crow, and honestly? It may not be as bad as we thought! A source close to the development of the redux (take that for what it's worth) caught up with Mania and dropped the following on them:

Badass New Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Trailer

Hell yeah! A new trailer for Capcom's Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii has hit online, and it's brimming with the stuff that we love. Mayhem! Gore! Carnage! Monsters! And zombies! Lots and lots of zombies!

Dead Space: Extraction Gameplay Video

A new video showing off some of the gameplay and exclusive features of Dead Space: Extraction for the Nintendo Wii has surfaced online, and it's enough to excite even the most jaded of mutant killers out there! Check it out below, and look for the game in stores on September 29, 2009!

Mezco Unleashes Stylized Freddy Figure

There's a certain amount of joy that goes along with having all the power and evil of your favorite serial killer in the palm of your hand, and lately nobody has been doing it better than Mezco Toyz. Need proof? Just check out their new Freddy Krueger Stylized Roto Figure!

Exclusive: DVD Art - Red Velvet

Over the past year or so we've told you a lot about Red Velvet (review). Now, after a very long wait the flick is coming home to DVD, and we've got the first details and the artwork for ya!

The Seamstress Stitches a DVD Release Date

We've already had an evil tooth fairy and a old ventriloquist lady that ripped out tongues, why not a ghostly seamstress that sews victims' mouths shut? Toss in Lance Henriksen, and it sounds like a film tailor made to go straight to DVD. It's called The Seamstress and it will on October 6th. Funny how that works out.

Michael Jackson's Ghost Caught on Film?

It's been a little over a week since the King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away, but during a video tour of his Neverland Ranch on Larry King Live, MJ may have just made his first spectral appearance.

Darren Bousman to Introduce Us to Abattoir

Even though Darren Bousman is busy prepping his redux of Mother's Day, that hasn't stopped him from bringing other new and disturbing properties to life! Horror comic fans - get ready! You're about to get your blood-soaked due!

Stephen Dorff Returns as Deacon Frost in Blade Spin-Off

While I really did enjoy Stephen Dorff’s villainous performance in Stephen Norrington’s Blade, I never found myself wishing we’d gotten to know more about him. That might be changing soon, however, as the powers that be are thinking about resurrecting the Deacon Frost character for his own prequel trilogy!

Exclusive: Cain talks Silent Night, Zombie Night & Breath of Hate

Filmmaker Sean Cain, who’s currently mixing sound for his holiday ghoul opus Silent Night, Zombie Night, sat down with Dread Central yesterday to give us an update on that project, as well as his currently-casting Velvet Hammer Films/ArsonCuff Entertainment feature Breath of Hate, which “centers around a young woman in the escort business, who on her last job is confronted by a trio of escaped mental patients looking to change the world; one victim at a time” (according to the film’s PR).

First Look at Ghostbuster Egon & Slimer in Packaging

In the beginning there was NECA ... and NECA created the Terror Dogs and Gozer and even Slimer ... but something was missing. The boys in grey could not be made real. Some said it was likeness rights, plain and simple. Some said Bill Murray demanded an orphan child in exchange for the rights.

Red Band Trailer for The Collector

This just arrived in our inbox: "Whoa! Freestyle Releasing gave our red-band trailer to IGN.com, and it just went up!" says filmmaker Marcus Dunstan of his directorial debut The Collector, which he co-penned with Feast and Saw collaborator Patrick Melton. The Liddell Entertainment film opens wide July 31.

The Hills Run Red: Extensive Interview with Dave Parker

Here at Dread Central we're really excited for you guys to check out Dave Parker's new slasher film, The Hills Run Red. The reason why is because we've seen it and know exactly how much ass it kicks. Now it's time for you to be brought up-to-speed and into the know.

*UPDATE* New Stills from Infestation to Bug You Out!

Bugs are like living monsters. Think about it, man! They have claws, multiple eyes, pincers, frigin' horns, you name it! There's no reason for them to be crawling around on this planet ... unless of course it's to spread mayhem and carnage so that we can have a full scale war a la Starship Troopers and wipe them from existence.

New Stills: Night of the Demons and Zombie Women of Satan

Demons and zombie women who hail Satan? Now that's what we call a party! You know the drill by now! Dig them below! Aw yeah, mama!