SDCC 09: Better Look at the Legion Teaser Art

Now that the big show is winding down all the cool stuff that you could only see hanging up in the convention center in San Diego is making its way to online outlets. Case in point -- the teaser art for Legion.

Twilight: Now's Your Chance to Deep Throat Edward Cullen

In our continuing efforts to bring you every piece of Twilight news your heart can desire, we bring you news of New Moon Heart's Desire Chocolate Candy: creme-filled chocolate hearts in wrappers adorned with head shots of stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. Something hard and creme-filled for every Team Edward/Team Jacob fangirl to put in their mouth; it's their wildest fantasy come true.

Rest in Peace: Clayton Hill

When you go to many various conventions, you start to see a lot of the same smiling faces over and over again. As a result you become a road family of sorts. Clayton Hill had a smile I'll never forget, and it's with a very heavy heart that we report he is no longer with us.

SDCC 09: Repo! Shadowcast Pre-Recorded

So last night I attended the Repo screening here at Comic Con. It was a packed show and on top of that they agreed to let me stream the whole thing LIVE. With only 45 minutes advanced notice the performance managed to pick up over 900 viewers online! Not only was there members of the cast on hand but it was also the final performance to be filmed for Spooky Dan's Repo documentary. Check it out below!

SDCC 09: Jennifer Love Hewitt to Tackle a Horror Comic?

Alright, before we start in with the snide comments and negative thoughts, let's give actress Jennifer Love Hewitt credit for doing something unexpected and, frankly, outside of the box. It seems that the Ghost Whisperer star has created her own comic series and IDW Publishing are ready to make it a reality.

SDCC 09: Supernatural Season Five Update

If I ever needed another reminder that time truly flies, it's that the CW's hit series Supernatural will be entering into its fifth season this Fall. Series creator Eric Kripke was on hand during the final day of Comic Con to give us some info on whether or not there's life after year five.

SDCC 09: Supernatural Panel Pre-Recorded

Couldn't get to the Supernatural panel? No worries, we have the panel for you as we streamed it live from San Diego Comic Con. Check it out below. My arm is ready to fall off but it's all for you guys! Enjoy for those who missed the live stream earlier!

Is This The New Face of Freddy Krueger?

An interesting picture has surfaced tonight online which could be of a make-up test for Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy in the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

SDCC 09: True Blood Panel Pre-Recorded

Hungry for more True Blood? We have the panel for you as we streamed it live from San Diego Comic Con. Check it out below. The environment was less than desirable and there seems to be some kind of noise showing up on the audio. What can I say I was surrounded by people who wouldn't shut up. But enjoy for those who missed the live stream earlier!

SDCC 09: HUGE True Blood Update (and a Sneak Peek at the Rest of Season 2)

Hungry for more True Blood? Good. Because you're going to get an update and then some. Not only do we have a sneak peek at the rest of season two, but we've got all kinds of supplemental goodies to keep ya going!

SDCC 09: Mother's Day Remake Synopsis

Darren Lynn-Bousman's Mother's Day remake is set to roll this September in Canada. But you don't have to wait until then to get some juicy story details. You can read on for the dirt!

SDCC 09: Nightmare on Elm Street Site is Now Live!

While there's been plenty of coverage of the Platinum Dunes Nightmare on Elm Street remake kicking around the Interwebs, promotion of the film continues!

SDCC 09: What to Expect from Saw VI

Other than gratuitous Costas Mandylor, lots of hopelessly convoluted plot twists and the obligatory musical crescendo signifying the end of the film, Saw VI co-writer Patrick Melton was on hand at Comic Con to tell fans what they could expect from the latest sequel.

SDCC 09: World War Z Seeking New Director

Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster has been attached for quite a while now, but another day at Comic-Con brings another cadre of announcements - including mention that Paramount Pictures is currently in the market for a new director to get behind the oft-delayed zombie flick.

EXCLUSIVE! SDCC 09: Animated Flick, 9, Could be Coming at you in Three Dimensions!

Our fearless Uncle Creepy just phoned in from the heart of Comic Con with an exclusive about Shane Acker's animated flick, 9, so keep reading for the scoop!