Red Band Trailer - Clive Barker's Book of Blood

John Harrison's adaptation of Clive Barker's Book of Blood got itself a drippy new red band trailer today that's sporting quite a bit of squishy stuff. We like.

New Trailer - Dario Argento's Giallo

A new trailer for Dario Argento's Giallo just slashed its way online with kind of a whimper. We don't know, man. Like Mother of Tears nothing about this flick says Argento to us. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

No 3D DVD Release for Monsters Vs. Aliens

We didn't provide a ton of coverage of Monsters Vs. Aliens when it was released theatrically, but considering 3D technology is such a hot topic nowadays, we thought this latest bit of news about the film's DVD format was topical and timely: Despite the fact that 3D showings accounted for 58% of the CG-animated film’s opening weekend box office take, home viewers won't have the same choice as it's only being released in 2D on DVD and Blu-ray.

Teaser Poster - The Lovely Bones

A teaser poster for Peter Jackson's troubled film The Lovely Bones surfaced today, and hopefully we can think of it as a symbol that all is finally well.

Two More Myers Pics

A couple of new images surfaced today of Big Mike doing his thing. Seriously, if you piece all these images together in chronological order, I'm pretty sure we've seen the whole movie already!

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Stock up on green paint and be prepared to shoot your mirrors on the front lawn; a direct-to-DVD sequel to Alex Aja's Mirrors is in the works.

First Details on Alluvial

Camping. We can cite so many different reasons why we shouldn't spend time in the woods. It's a kind of foreign realm to us city folk. There are just too many variables. Especially at night. In the dark. With his new film Alluvial producer-director Geza Decsy and company are set to give us a whole new reason to fear what's out there -- ourselves.

Meet the Women of the Original Stepfather

Interested in getting two steps closer to completing your The Stepfather autograph collection? Now's your chance! The Hollywood Show has announced actresses Shelley Hack and Jill Schoelen will be attending their July 18-19 convention in Burbank, California to meet and greet fans and reminisce about the old 1987 classic.

DVD Release List: July 7, 2009: The Unborn is Knowingly Smoking the King Bong

It's a small list of DVD releases with a couple of sequels we had no idea had even been made and two flicks that tried something different but didn't quite pull it off. Without a doubt the pick of the week is the re-release of Kathryn Bigelow's vamp classic Near Dark.

Get Ready For a Season of Rot

For the zombie fans among us who just cannot get enough of the shambling/sprinting dead, Permuted Press (THE go-to publisher for all cool things zombie and apocalyptic!) has a new title forthcoming.

International One-Sheet - A Perfect Getaway

Heads. Floating heads. Heads in boxes. What is with poster artists nowadays? There was a time when poster art could make me want to see a movie. Now ... we get heads. Heads, heads, and more heads. In any event the international one-sheet for David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway has surfaced and guess what it features?

Motion Picture Purgatory: Grace

Grace is a film that we've covered extensively here at Dread Central with interviews, news updates, and reviews (check out the film's database here). But of course no coverage is complete without hearing from our resident curmudgeon, Rick Trembles.

Cherry Tree Lane Is the Next Stop for Bloodshed!

I think I’m slowly getting to the point where I need horror films to be fun again. I used to gripe that the genre needed a return of "real" horror, where audiences suffer as much as the characters on screen.

Tony Todd Clip on Graves YouTube Channel

Brian Pulidos and the gang behind The Graves have opened up an exclusive YouTube channel to showcase interviews and behind-the-scenes goodies. Their first video? An interview with genre icon Tony Todd.

International Antichrist Trailers

Two trailers today for Lars Von Trier's controversial film Antichrist for you to dig on! After all, who doesn't need a bit more Dafoe ass in their day?