Exclusive Stills and Clip from Unaired Fear Itself Episode: Chance

Between its September 15th DVD release date and FEARnet running the unaired episodes, there are plenty of ways to dig on what you didn't see while "Fear Itself" was on TV. For those of you without cable who are curious for a taste, we've got an exclusive clip and stills for you from an episode called "Chance".

See the Ten Finalists from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

Out of one hundred plus entries, the ten finalists have been decided in the Halloween Horror Nights ‘Scary Good Film Competition’ contest. If you’re down for checking out all ten shorts, break out the candy corn and apple cider, settle in, and read on for the skinny!

Lisa Wilcox Talks Imago and Savage

Iconic horror villain Freddy Krueger had himself quite a few "final girls" over the last 25 years. One of our personal favorites had always been Alice (played by Lisa Wilcox in Parts 4 and 5). In fact, Alice is the one of the very few to survive the deadly grasp of Elm Street's most nefarious inhabitant. So, where's Alice been since she took on Freddy?

The Road Leads to Thanksgiving

Looks like we'll be diggin' on The Road about a month later than we all expected as Dimension announced today that the film's release date has been bumped to November 25th instead of its original release date of October 16th.

Critically Acclaimed Trick 'r Treat Trailer

As we near the release of Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat right around the corner, a new trailer has surfaced today that shows all kinds of spooky love!

Paramount Confirms Paranormal Activity Theatrical Release Date?

The excitement is building around Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity, and as a result there seems to be a new news story about it almost every couple of days. The latest one comes from the official Paramount website on a page which is no longer active (weird). On it, it stated the film would be beginning a limited theatrical run on September 25th.

Live Evil's New Theatrical Teaser Poster

As we reported previously, Jay Woelfel's Live Evil will have a 300-screen theatrical release starting September 18th, as well as being available on DVD and OnDemand November 3rd. To honor the occasion, the film also has a spiffy new teaser poster.

9 Days of 9 Contest: Day Nine

Focus Features' and Dread Central's giveaway of one copy of The Book of 9 every day until the release of 9 on 09/09/09 concludes with Day Nine!

New Images from The Occultist

Rock star extraordinaire Aine Leicht dropped us off a couple of stills for Domiziano Arcangeli's latest film The Occultist for your enjoyment, and one of them just brings the biggest evil smile to our faces! Ah, indie filmmaking! How we love the balls that you exhibit at times.

Exclusive: New Stills from Imago

Three new stills have come our way -- from another dimension -- for Chris Warren's upcoming indie effort Imago, and we figured we'd share because you, dear readers ... are the wind beneath our wings.

Teaser Trailer for Serious Minded Plan 9 Remake

Today is 09-09-09. What better day to premiere the first teaser trailer for Plan 9, Darkstone Entertainment's "serious-minded" attempt to remake the film hailed as the worst motion picture of all time, Edward D. Wood Jr.'s Plan 9 From Outer Space? Yes. A remake. A serious-minded remake. Can't comprehend such a thing? That's because of your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!

Sarge Speaks Some More! New Survival of the Dead Video

Part Two of the Survival of the Dead video series Sarge Speaks just popped up online featuring Alan Van Sprang as Sarge, in character and talking apocalypse. Suit up, soldier.

The Shrine Gets Second Teaser

The second teaser trailer for The Shrine, which is written and directed by Jon (Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer) Knautz and stars Jack Brooks himself, Trevor Matthews, along with Meghan Heffern, Aaron Ashmore, and Cindy Sampson, just hit online; and we have it here for you to worship.

The Stepfather Remake: Daddy's New Website Opens its Doors

Stepparents can really suck. Especially if they're of the psychopathic ready to kill at the drop of a dime variety. That's exactly the kind that we find in Nelson (Prom Night) McCormick's remake of The Stepfather. Still, even they deserve their own space, and this particular loony has taken up residence online.

The House of the Devil Opening at Screamfest / New Red Band Trailer

Ti West's latest film, The House of the Devil (review here), has been making quite a bit of noise lately and deservedly so as it's supposed to kick a copious amount of ass. Good news for all parties concerned ... the film has been added to the 2009 Screamfest LA lineup, and it's gotten itself a brand spanking new red band trailer for you to dig on!