Screamfest LA Reveals Full Schedule

One of California's biggest and most well respected film festivals, Screamfest LA, revealed its entire schedule today, and it's packing the horror goods including The Fourth Kind, The Human Centipede, and Cabin Fever 2!

Shellter - More than a Horror Film?

In this day and age you've got to be leery when a film tries to garner attention as being "more than a horror film", right? Especially when the film's press release also compares it to Saw and Hostel - two very good films but, really, not much more than horror films.

A Savage One Sheet

Want to see the first one sheet for the upcoming "Sasquatch on the loose" creature feature Savage? Of course you do! Come on in; we have it!

Exorcismus Scares up a New Director

Filmax has been replacing directors left and right lately (er, just twice I guess, but still...) and here's another changing of the guard, this time surrounding the upcoming possession flick Exorcismus.

Daniel Calparsoro Joins the Circus

For a while it looked like director Paco Plaza would be doing double-duty for Filmax, shooting both Rec 2 and the upcoming Circus. With today's news, however, it seems Plaza is off Circus and a different director has already joined up.

Elementary, My Dear Asylum

Later this year we'll be getting the Guy Ritchie directed Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. as a more caddish, bumbling, action-oriented world's greatest detective than we're used to seeing.. Opinions have already been quite mixed on this new action-comedy Hollywood take on the usually sophisticated and literate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creation. What will the purists say when they find out The Asylum is getting into the Sherlock Holmes game?

Children Love the Monster Mutt

The kiddies need some family-friendly horror to sink their teeth into. Think of it as training wheels for future horror fans. That's where movies like Monster Mutt come in. The family friendly comedy follows the exploits of the family dog, Max, as an evil corporation tests their new energy drink on the lovable mutt. Max undergoes a monstrous transformation as the family tries to hold on to their beloved pet.

Behind-the-Scenes of Pandorum

With its release this Friday approaching rapidly, it's time to go behind-the-scenes of the chilling looking sci-fi thriller Pandorum thanks to a nifty little featurette that's just hit the interwebs.

Four TV Spots for The Stepfather Debut

On October 16th Sony and director Nelson McCormick will be bringing us their remake of The Stepfather, which will hopefully rise above its PG-13 rating and deliver a taught and suspenseful little thriller. Hey, it could happen!

Twilight Saga: New Moon Full Soundtrack Details and New On-Set Photos

Hot on the heels of releasing the video for the first single from The Twilight Saga: New Moon's soundtrack, Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me on the Equinox", the powers-that-be have finally graced us with the full track listing. Of note is that unlike with predecessor Twilight, all the songs are original and exclusive to New Moon.

Teaser Trailer and Exclusive Images for Camera Obscura

Here at Dread Central those of us old enough to remember the goodness that was "The Odd Couple" television series are all HUGE fans of Jack Klugman. And though he hasn't ventured into our genre all that often, all I can say is better late than never!

Limited Edition Godkiller Poster from Tim Seeley

The name Tim Seeley is one that always perks up the ears of horror fans. His artwork is among the best out there, and we can't get enough of his projects like Hack/Slash and Loaded Bible. So we are very pleased to present a limited edition poster from Seeley of illustrated film Godkiller's lovable organ-stealing duo Halfpipe (Danielle Harris) and Angelfuck (Tiffany Shepis).

DVD Releases: Sept 22, 2009: The Chosen One Finds Grave Danger in the Book of Blood

A handful of rather bizarre DVD re-releases are on tap this week for some reason including Evil Remains, Shallow Ground, and Satan's Little Helper; but at least they're accompanied by several new films, a box set of the entire Friday the 13th: The Series, a twin-pack of Carnival of Souls in both color and black & white, and Shaun of the Dead and Godzilla on Blu-ray!

Rick Baker To Receive Chiller-Eyegore Award

Never mind his six, count 'em, six Oscars, come October 2nd Rick Baker will be getting his due from Universal and horror fans everywhere as he's set to take home the Chiller-Eyegore Award for his incomparable designs and makeup effects that have created indelible imagery in over forty-two horror films!

IFC Explores Being Dead & Lonely in New Web Series

Can't get enough vampires? IFC's original five-episode Web series Dead & Lonely, written, produced, and directed by cult indie horror filmmaker Ti West (The Roost, Trigger Man, The House of the Devil), will have its premiere on IFC.com Monday, October 26, at 12:00 noon ET/PT. Each additional episode will air every day that week on IFC.com at noon.