The House of the Devil Opening at Screamfest / New Red Band Trailer

Ti West's latest film, The House of the Devil (review here), has been making quite a bit of noise lately and deservedly so as it's supposed to kick a copious amount of ass. Good news for all parties concerned ... the film has been added to the 2009 Screamfest LA lineup, and it's gotten itself a brand spanking new red band trailer for you to dig on!

Transylmania Website Open and Packing

The toothy new vampire comedy from David and Scott Hillenbrand, Transylmania, got itself a shiny new website chock full of all sorts of goodies today, and we got our paws on some stills for you.

Two Stake Land Videos to Cut Your Teeth On

Two quick behind-the-scenes videos from Jim Mickle's vampire film Stake Land just popped up online showcasing the lovely Danielle Harris doing her thing. Ready for a quick peek?

Video Interview: Rob Hall: Almost Human Part 1

In the next few weeks, Dread Central will be bringing our readers lots of goodies for the upcoming web series "Fear Clinic", directed by Robert Hall. Before we dive into "Fear Clinic" though, Heather Wixson thought it would be interesting to sit down and talk with Hall about his effects company, Almost Human, and just how he got started creating gore for both the big and small screens alike.

9 Review and Exclusive Interviews

In case you missed any of it during the news rush after the Labor Day break, here are a bunch of goodies related to 9 (review here) including several interviews and more.

International One-Sheets: The Box, The Final Destination, Pandorum, Drag Me to Hell

And now a bit of international flavor to cap off your Tuesday (which strangely feels very much like a Monday). International posters for four of the States' biggest horror titles have surfaced today, and we've got every single one of them for you along with a side of your choice.

An Abundance of New Moon News

From new stills to a hard date for the red carpet premiere to an actual Twilight/New Moon cornfield maze, fans of The Twilight Saga have an abundance of news about their favorite franchise to absorb today.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Gamer

It seems that Trembles decided to do what a substantial number of other horror fans did (judging by box office receipts): basically ignore Rob Zombie's Halloween II and just move on. And so, instead of piling more venom on H2, this week's Motion Picture Purgatory tackles the testosterone-fueled Gamer.

Adam Green and Joe Lynch's Road to Frightfest: American Douchebags in London

Last year directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch shot a series of short films detailing the duo's hilarious Road to Frightfest that ended in their eventual deaths. Well, despite their demise, every good film deserves a sequel so allow me to direct you to American Douchebags in London.

Horror Realm, Sept 18-20

Pittsburgh, PA has ten days before all hell breaks loose. That's because from September 18th through the 20th at the Crowne Plaza, those fine folks that put on ZombieFest have broadened their horizons into a new convention, now called "Horror Realm."

New Previews for The CW's Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

Those of you who are of a certain age no doubt remember the phrase "Must See TV" and its application to NBC's Thursday night lineup of shows during the 1990's. It's been a while since any other network could make that same claim, but starting this Thursday, September 10th, it's possible horror fans will have their own "Must See TV" night on The CW thanks to the pairing of The Vampire Diaries with Supernatural.

Suspiria Remake on Track. Yay.

The remake of Dario Argento's classic Suspiria has been gestating for some time now. Many fans were hoping it would stay that way, too. Once again we get to be the bearers of unwelcome news.

Nicholaus Goossen Talks The Shortcut

Even though his first horror film, The Shortcut, is about to hit DVD shelves on September 29th, that doesn’t mean director Nicholaus Goossen is a newcomer to the scene. Goossen has actually been working in Hollywood since he was still in high school.

9 Days of 9 Contest: Day Eight

Focus Features' and Dread Central's giveaway of one copy of The Book of 9 every day until the release of 9 on 09/09/09 continues with Day Eight!

Rambo to Start Hunting Horrors?

We live in strange times. Sylvester Stallone wants to do another Rambo sequel. No surprise there. Now he's talking about making it PG-13, which is nearly impossible to fathom, especially after the all-out bloodbath that was last year's Rambo. But even more perplexing is that it looks to be heading into the direction of sci-fi action horror with John Rambo tracking a genetically engineered monster run amok. We're a long way removed from First Blood now.