Madison Film Festival to Raise Funds for the Autism Society

All good deeds should be known, at least in a perfect world. The Madison Film Festival has announced it is working with the Autism Society of Greater Madison in order to help improve those detrimentally affected by the disabling disease.

Zombies to Strike Chicago Bowling Alley Next Week

The dead rise to pick up the spare! The Wildclaw Theater is proudly sponsoring Zombie Bowling II, The Dawn of the Dude, to take place next Saturday, September 19th, at the Timber Lanes Bowling Alley in Chicago.

Roger Corman Finally Deemed Oscar Caliber

When I read the news the other day that Roger Corman was selected to receive an Honorary Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I was kind of surprised. Not because I couldn't believe Roger Corman would be given an Honorary Academy Award but because I'd have sworn they'd already done so years ago. Apparently not. Talk about an honor long overdue.

Fabrice Du Welz Asks Brady Corbet for More

Few films have divided the Dread Central staff like the Funny Games remake did, but one thing we all agreed on was how great its two young co-stars, Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet, were. Apparently we're not alone as Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz (Calvaire, Vinyan) has tapped Corbet for the lead in his next project, which is tentatively entitled More.

Terror Tweets: 25/8 Update, Leaked New Moon Trailer, and Samara Going 3D?

A couple of updates came through via Twitter recently that we thought newsworthy but not quite detailed enough for their own individual stories.

2009 Grimm Up North Festival Details Emerge

Manchester, England's "Grimm Up North" has set its goals high.

Party at The Myers House with Judith

It was last May when we first learned about a short film called "Judith" that was being written by Kenny Caperton, creator of The Myers House NC, a life-size replica of the infamous Michael Myers house from John Carpenter's Halloween. At that time "Judith"'s director, Josh Hasty, informed us that they hoped to begin filming in September at The Myers House. Apparently sometimes things do go according to plan as we heard from Caperton today, who informed us shooting would be under way in a couple of weeks.

Deadlands 2: Trapped Bucks the Trend & Will Be an HD DVD

A press release came across our desks today that reminded us how often truth is stranger than fiction. Here we were thinking the war between HD DVD and Blu-ray had been decided months ago when WetNWildRadio Films and Anthem Pictures announced that on October 27th the independent zombie horror film Deadlands 2: Trapped will be making its way to ... HD DVD. Kind of ironic that a zombie film would be helping HD DVD try to come back from the dead, no?

See Thirst with Park Chan-Wook in the UK

Are you a member of the unlucky group whose home town didn't get a screening of Park Chan-wook's Thirst? Do you feel like, for whatever reason, you're just destined not to see the film? Or maybe you have seen it and are full of questions for its creator. In either case, a new contest from Palisades Tartan might be just what the priest prayed for ... or something like that.

The Interviews on Sorority Row

On the fence about whether or not you should check out Stewart Hendler's Sorority Row? Well then, maybe our interviews with some of the cast will help make your decision a little easier.

Survival of the Dead Selling Selling Selling!

The sixth entry into George A. Romero's Dead franchise, Survival of the Dead, is getting quite a bit of attention after its debut run at the Venice International Film Festival, where according to @OfficialRomero it received a nearly five-minute long standing ovation upon conclusion (a portion of which was caught on video), and as a result distribution rights are selling quickly!

TIFF '09: Jennifer's Body Review

There will be a myriad of cool new films playing the Toronto International Film Festival '09 as part of their Midnight Madness series, the first of which, Jennifer's Body, has now been reviewed!

Staunton Hill Coming to DVD

While Papa George is out touring the world with Survival of the Dead, the younger Romero, Cameron, is set to make his filmmaking debut with Staunton Hill, which will be touching down soon courtesy of Anchor Bay.

TIFF '09: Midnight Madness Day One

The Toronto International Film Festival '09 is in full swing, and you'll be happy to know that Dread Central has partnered with the fine folks over at The Substream to bring you daily video coverage of the event that will feature news, interviews, and maybe even a couple of reviews here and there.

Del Toro Teams with Disney for Trollhunters

Every time we do a news story about another project that Guillermo del Toro has attached himself to, we wonder how the heck he's going to squeeze it into his already overflowing schedule. But even as jaded as we are around these parts, we have to admit to feeling a twinge a excitement at the thought of del Toro teaming up with Disney to create new spooky animated films under the banner Disney Double Dare You.