Win Tickets to See The Collector at Comic-Con

There's no question, if you're going to be in attendance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, you'll find that there's a million things to do. Of those million things only a handful will be ultra-cool! This is one of those things!

Wicker Man Sequel Begins Filming

It's been well over a year since last we heard anything about the sequel to the original Wicker Man, now titled The Wicker Tree (formerly Cowboys for Christ), but apparently things are very much a go for the next chapter in the now series.

More Dates with a Deadgirl

Dark Sky Films is set to unleash festival favorite Deadgirl in a series of midnight runs at theatres across the country. Even better, at some showings audiences will even get to hear from the film's cast and crew! We've got all the details on these events for you as this is something you just may not want to miss!

Dinosaurs and a Skunk-Ape Attack in New Trailers

The Asylum has a new dinosaur flick, and a new indie horror sees a skunk-ape battling weekend warriors. We've got the trailers for The Land That Time Forgot and Shaawanokie.

Rifftrax Live at a Theatre Near You

"Mystery Science Theater 3000" will be returning to the big screen - sort of - when former Satellite of Love crew members Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett bring their Rifftrax to the big screen for a one-night only event this August, picking on what many call the worst movie ever made: Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Hierro Trailer Now Online!

The trailer for director Gabe Ibáñez (Day of the Beast) latest horror film Hierro just landed online and with it the trailer brings a copious amount of spooky. We like spooky.

Trick 'r Treat DVD/Blu-ray Art

While we all sit and wait patiently for Warner to announce the exact release date for their DVD/Blu-ray release of Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat, let's use this time wisely by ogling the official artwork for the release!

The Gate: Monstrous Special Edition Coming!

Ah, Lionsgate. There are days when we just want to kiss you. Today is one of those days. I cannot believe I'm about to write these words ... The Gate, yes you read right, THE GATE, is heading to us on DVD in what is being called a Monstrous Special Edition! And somewhere off in the distance you can hear the faint sounds of angels singing!

Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters Slithers Forth

Just when you thought you had seen it all with the incredible popularity of Quirk Books' reimagining of Jane Austen's classic novel into the Regency period zombie-fest Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, now comes what sounds like an even more bizarro/hilarious blend of Regency romance and ... sea monsters!!

Dozens of Orphan Stills

There's something wrong with Esther, all right. She's a photo-ham! Check out this latest batch of stills from Dark Castle's Orphan and look for the film in theatres July 24th!

Twilight Saga Goes Manga & SDCC 09 Screening Info!

Good news, everyone! If you haven’t yet had your fill of Twilight by way of Stephanie Meyer’s books or the fledgling movie series starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, you can add a series of Manga-style comic books to your collection. Now you can have the sparkling fervor of these beautiful creatures in full anime glory!

The Music of Rob Zombie's H2

As a companion to the CD cover art we showed you the other day, Captain Clegg's "Zombie A-Go-Go" music video has premiered today. In addition, all you music lovers out there should be happy to learn we've also found the full track listing for Rob Zombie's Halloween II soundtrack.

Cold Spots: Rotherwood Mansion

Kingsport, TN - There are places about which legends are born. For some stories survive for generations because of personalities so evil, the mere mention of their names is used to terrify children. For others stories of love lost and tragedy give a place a romantic, if melancholy, air.

Official Malcolm McDowell Site Opens

Assuming the role of Dr. Samuel Loomis for Rob Zombie in his two Halloween films has not only introduced the great Malcolm McDowell to a new generation of fans, but it has also cemented his place in horror film history. Now there's a place to go online to celebrate the man's long and illustrious career!

The Single Most Badass JAWS Collectible - Ever

Few times do we find ourselves speechless here at Dread Central. This is one of those times. Hold on to your asses, JAWS fanatics. Something incredibly fucking wicked is headed our way!