Leonardo DiCaprio Taking Us to The Twilight Zone

We are about to re-enter another dimension. A dimension of familiar sights, sounds, and minds. There's a sign post up ahead. Next stop -- the remake zone!

Do-Over to Keep You Wide Awake

Yet another graphic novel is making the jump to the big screen. But this one? This one has a super hot chick battling horror inducing creatures with various sharp implements while monster gore flies about liberally and with reckless abandon. In short -- we're interested!

Event Report: Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe

The only thing better than reading the Gothic works of Edgar Allan Poe is hearing them read by the distinct paranoid voice of horror icon Jeffrey Combs. If you’re a fan of the Re-Animator star – and how could you not be?

Syfy Slates Dushku's Graves, New Corn for September

Remember that Eliza Dushku movie about a group of surfers finding a cursed board game that claims a life whenever played? It seems like we've been reporting about Open Graves for a couple years now. That might be because we have. We last reported on it this past February, quoting Dushku herself as being unsure if or when the film would see the light of day. How does September 19th on Syfy sound?

Go Hero Preps Harryhausen Creations

Go Hero is set to make its mark on San Diego Comic-Con with a line of 12-inch scaled figures you are not likely to forget. Combining an eye for fine art wrapped up in every stitch of clothing, accessory detail, and sculpted part with the sensibility of an overgrown kid who always wanted kick-ass toys from Ray Harryhausen creations, Go Hero has created some amazing new collectibles!

Kendal Sinn Unveils Shadow Falls Memorial

Our working relationship with writer/director Kendal Sinn and his frequent collaborator Patrick Rea goes back several years, just about to 2001, which is when Sinn first started conceptualizing Shadow Falls, an Internet horror/sci-fi serial about eerie goings-on in a creepy Kansas town. His end goal was to have 36 short films and then finish with a feature.

Lautner, Sheen, and Lefevre Talk Up New Moon

Only a few outlets were granted set visits during the filming of Summit Entertainment's money-in-the-bank sequel New Moon, and now that we're inching closer to its November 20th release date, their reports and interviews are starting to trickle out with some pretty choice descriptions of what they saw ... and a few sound bites from the actors who achieved overnight fame thanks to the Twilight series' rabid fanbase.

New Pics of Jennifer's and Needy's Bodies

It may be called Jennifer's Body, but the person I'm most interested in seeing on the big screen reciting Diablo Cody's snappy dialogue is Jennifer's friend Needy, played by Amanda Seyfried. If anyone can keep it real, and relevant, it's Amanda. So it's nice to see a few shots of her mixed in with all the ones we've gotten of the film's star, Megan Fox.

Gorezone Weekend of Horror Announces First Films

The UK's Gorezone Magazine is rolling out the names of the films they'll be screening during this autumn's Weekend of Horror a few at a time. Promising "14 Premieres in 2 Days", they've announced the first 6 with more to come soon.

Blood Flows in New Giallo Stills

Something very unpleasant is happening to Elsa Pataky, the young woman in one of three new stills from Dario Argento's Giallo; hopefully the audience won't feel the same while watching the film.

12 Bells Trailer and Synopsis Released

Erik Soulliard and crew of Annubis Productions have released the trailer for their next project, 12 Bells, and we're embedding it below for your viewing pleasures. Curious what the film is about? Here's the story, straight from the brand new press release!

French Gore Galore at Alamo Drafthouse in October

Fans of French horror have a few nights in the theater organized just for them in San Antonio, Texas. The Alamo Drafthouse has grouped up Frontiers, Inside, and Martyrs for your gory pleasures, and each is showing for two different nights down in the Lone Star State!

Ready for a Good Old Fashioned Body Trade?

A triple threat is on its way, courtesy of Mike West and D.W. Frydendall. The bare bones plot of Body Trade concerns a group of prostitutes who discover how lucrative it is to get involved in the body-harvesting business.

Saw VII Under Way Soon

Even though not a single ass has been placed in a theatre yet for Saw VI and won't be for months, that hasn't stopped the powers that be from getting quickly to work on Saw VII.

Jonah Hex: More Western Than Horror?

Ever since we first started covering the live action version of Jonah Hex, it's been a little unclear as to exactly how many genre elements had been written into the script. But now some clarification has come down courtesy of Jimmy Palmiotti, one of the co-writers of the original DC Comics series on which the film is based.