Third Twilight Film Actually Watchable?

Though the second film in the Twilight franchise, New Moon, is nowhere near in the can, that hasn't stopped Summit Entertainment from shopping for a director for the third entry, Eclipse (book review).

Top Cow Preview: Witchblade #125

The folks at Top Cow certainly know how to celebrate a milestone. Witchblade, one of the longest-running series in comics, is releasing Issue #125 on March 18th, and it's still going strong! To mark the occasion, they have provided us with a look at all the various covers for Issue #125 along with a four-page preview of what promises to be the biggest Witchblade story ever!

Exclusive: Race to Witch Mountain Interviews: Fickman, Gugino, and The Rock!

No, your eyes aren't lying. We have a story about Race to Witch Mountain here on Dread Central. Why? Because we were offered a chance to talk to "The Rock". Would you say no? Didn't think so.

Saturn Award Nominees Announced

It's that time of year again: The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films has announced the nominations for its 35th Annual Saturn Awards.

Harper's Island Social Network?

I will admit, CBS's new show "Harper's Island" has my interest as I'm a sucker for a good murder mystery. To make things a bit more interactive, the network has just put HarpersGlobe.com live so that you can get a little more involved with the mayhem.

Reminder: Paranoia Film Fest This Weekend!

You've seen plenty of horror film festivals and conventions over the years, but how many events actually take you to a famous haunted location?

New Haunting in Connecticut Clip

As we get closer to its release date of March 27, 2009, all sorts of evil goodness has been hitting the Net for Lionsate's new flick, The Haunting in Connecticut. The latest -- a ghoulish spectre laden little clip!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Hansel & Gretel

Rick travels to Korea this time for a look at the latest twist on an old fairy tale: Hansel & Gretel.

Final Laid to Rest Trailer Debuts

One film we're looking forward to around here is Robert Hall's Laid to Rest. The reason being? It kicks a copious amount of ass! We're talking some of the best kills I've seen in ages!

Pangs to Deliver The Child's Eye in 3D

Let's try and forget about that horrid American remake of The Eye (though that Being Blind is Lots of Fun song I made up still brings a smile to my face), shall we? Danny and Oxide Pang's original chiller is still very much the goods! Yes, the sequels suck, especially Part 3 but hey! The next one's gonna be in 3D. Joy.

The Trailer From Parts Unknown

Ladies and gentleman! In this corner I'd like to introduce to you a movie that features, wrestling, green slime, homicidal video game players, a zombie woman in a cage fight, and ... a midget. All hailing From Parts Unknown!

Meet Mister Serial Killer

At least 80% of my emails get tossed into the junk pile ... sad I know, but seriously the last thing a mother of six needs is a way to make her penis larger! And it’s disturbing to say the least to know that so many people are greatly concerned when it comes to the health of my colon! Needless to say it’s always a nice change to get an email message that actually interests me! Like the one I just received from Steven Cerritos about his newest pet project ... Mister Serial Killer!

Trailers for Teke-Teke and Teke-Teke 2

We, like many of you, are sick to death of J-Horror, and their tales of ghostly little girls with long black hair. It's just been done to death. However, we have to remember that these folks know how to do horror, and the Teke-Teke films look like nothing short of must-sees! Need proof?

Is This the New Michael Myers Mask?

If there's one thing Rob Zombie did right in his remake of Halloween it was the look of The Shape's mask. Simply put, it was as badass as it gets. Or so I thought. Several pictures surfaced tonight of what could be The Shape's newest head piece and all I can think is, "God, I hope so!".

Leighton Meester to Become a Roommate

The tale of Roommate is a strange one. During the filming of The Strangers, one of its producers, Sonny Mallhi, saw fit to write his own horror flick under an assumed named so that the script would be treated fairly in the marketplace. The script was for a thriller called Roommate, which ended up being picked up by Sony/Screen Gems.