NSFW: The Ultimate Twilight Collectible? Ladies ... Meet The Vamp

Every now and then a story comes across our desks that sends up a tiny voice balloon with the letters "WTF" floating lovingly over our heads. This is just such a moment. Since we've covered pretty much everything having to do with The Twilight Saga, it's our journalistic duty to report on -- The Vamp.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at The Lovely Bones

Mark Wahlberg is an actor whose performances have ranged from terrific (Three Kings, The Departed) to downright embarrassing (Max Payne, The Happening) so we're pretty interested in seeing how things turn out for him in Peter Jackson's upcoming The Lovely Bones. While we wait, how about a behind-the-scenes peek into the production?

Exclusive: Rob Hall Talks Old Scratch

While recently chatting with writer/director/special efx maestro Robert Hall, Heather Wixson of Dread Central got to catch up with him on what he's been working on and talked to Hall about his upcoming project Old Scratch.

Trailer: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

The trailer for Werner Herzog's latest film, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done, hit online today, and it's looking pretty intense. The film, starring Michael Shannon, Willem Dafoe, Chloe Sevigny, Brad Dourif, Michael Pena, Bill Cobbs, Grace Zabriskie, and Udo Kier will be playing at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, but here's a taste of what to expect ...

Motion Picture Purgatory: Knowing

Knowing is one of those films that just keeps sticking around. It could have been something special, but instead it gave us some spectacular imagery and one of the hokiest endings in cinematic history. So of course Trembles has to have the last word on it!

Lucas and Howard Engage in a Little Murder

Katrina disaster backdrop? Check. Goodhearted female ghost who happens to be a cellist? Check. Shot at redemption for a disgraced cop? Check, check. Heart strings tugged? The producers hope so. Yep, all the fixings for what sounds like a very vanilla thriller are in place for the upcoming project Little Murder.

Fessenden to Deliver Hypothermia to Audiences

Larry Fessenden and Glass Eye Pix have updated their official site with a new trailer for their upcoming feature Hypothermia and we've got it for ya, would-be sea-creature and all!

New Shirley Jackson Adaptation Coming - We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Any horror fan worth his or her salt is very familiar with the name Shirley Jackson. Way back in the Sixties she was responsible for unleashing probably one of the greatest and most influential ghost stories of our time, The Haunting of Hill House, upon a terrified audience. Now decades after it was first released, her book We Have Always Lived in the Castle is set to get the big screen treatment.

DVD Release List: August 18, 2009: The Strangeness of Dexter Versus the Icons of Sci-Fi

When it comes to DVD releases, August 18th marks a week of threes. We get the third chapter in the Death Note series, the third season of "Dexter", a re-release of the first three Final Destination flicks, three Icons of Sci-Fi, and a trio of zombies.

Halloween II: Laurie Set to Kill

A while ago we grabbed some screen caps from the trailer for Rob Zombie's upcoming sequel that showed off some really interesting images from Halloween II, including two shots of what appears to be Laurie dressed as little Michael, clown suit and all. Some said we were wrong and that it was the new kid playing young Mikey, but vindication has come today!

It's Here! The Clip You've Been Waiting For! Twilight: New Moon: Meet Jacob Black

Never mind all the blurry, out-of-focus bootleg videos! We have the new The Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer that's playing before Bandslam for you right here, right now, and in hi-def so you don't miss a single detail of Jacob's abs! And all across the internet teenage girls and cougars have just lost their breath!

7 Deadly Sins: Inside The Ecomm Cult Debuts at Monster-Mania This Weekend!

A Halloween II Contest Comes Chattering Your Way

Seriously, there used to be a time when I would get all psyched up for the latest misadventures of Haddonfield's least popular citizen. But the last time that happened was 1995, and to be honest, I've dreaded every single entry following The Curse of Michael Myers (say what you will, but I dig that movie). Halloween II is nearly upon us, and before the horror community begins sounding off over the merits and demerits of the latest Zombieween, Dimension has prepared a nifty contest for the director's fans.

First Clip: The Final Destination

The time has come! The bell is tolling! The first official clip from David R. Ellis' The Final Destination is here! In it Andrew Fiscella telling his co-star Bobby Campo that it's not his time to die. Or ... is it?

Anne Rice Chimes in on Robert Downey, Jr., as Lestat Debate

Since she's never been one to shy away from interacting with and directly communicating with her fans, it was only a matter of time before Anne Rice addressed the rumors swirling around a new adaptation of her Vampire Chronicles and particularly the potential casting of Robert Downey, Jr., as Lestat.