The Hunger Remake Coming From Warner Bros.

Joining the remake cavalcade is a retelling of Tony Scott's 1983 vampire flick The Hunger. Not surprising considering how vamps are Hollywood's new "it" things. The news was teased today via THR, and the only detail we know about it is that the film is now in development over at Warner Bros.

The History of Paranormal Activity

With the limited release of Paranormal Activity finally coming this weekend, the LA Times has published a great article on the two-year journey the film has taken from inception to release, detailing everything from the possible remake to Steven Spielberg's "experience" with it to its bumpy road to distribution.

Max Brooks Bringing Us Recorded Attacks

October 6th sees the release of a new tome of zombie Armageddon from Max Brooks, Master of the Undead. One hundred forty-four pages await you from Three Rivers Press, the same folks that brought us The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, so we are virtually guaranteed another instant classic.

Vamp Comedy Bleed Tries to Find Its Niche

What with the over-saturation of all things fang-related thanks to the overwhelming success of franchises Twilight and "True Blood", does the world really need yet another vampire series? Hell, yes, as far as I'm concerned, especially if they're as charming and likable as the Web-based "buddy" horror/comedy known as "Bleed".

See Dexter's Premiere Early in LA and NYC

This Sunday, September 27th, marks the beginning of Season Four of the smash Showtime hit "Dexter", and if you happen to live on one coast or the other, you're in luck. You and your friends can catch the premiere before the premiere while sipping Dexter-themed cocktails!

Event Report: Horror Realm, Pittsburgh, PA

If you weren't in Pittsburgh this past weekend, you missed one helluva good show. In fact, now that the alcohol has worn off, I find myself inundated with cool swag, great (if fuzzy) memories, and lots to write about. So here's how it all went down from September 18th-20th, 2009.

Get Free Tickets to Spike TV's Scream Awards

If you live in the LA area, are 18 or over, and like both dressing up and attending awards shows, this opportunity has your name all over it! The folks running Spike TV's Scream Awards 2009 are looking for seat fillers and audience members to attend the show in full costume to help them transform the Greek Theatre into a visually stimulating experience full of action, thrills, shocks, and surprises.

Join Fangoria's Trinity of Terrors on Halloween Weekend

Searching for something different to do this Halloween? How about a trip to Vegas, where the Fangoria Trinity of Terrors will be taking place at the Palms Resort and Casino October 30th-November 1st?

More Saw VI Images Emerge

Yet more Saw VI goodies have surfaced today, this time featuring Costas Mandylor (sing it, baby) obviously reflecting on the evil deeds, both past and present day, that he's been privy to.

Breath of Hate Website Now Live

Dread Central got exclusive word from director Sean Cain that they have unveiled the website for the upcoming horror flick Breath of Hate today.

Motion Picture Purgatory: The H-Man

One thing I love about being the designated DC staffer to put up Trembles' review each week is that we just never know what the hell he's going to come up with next! Case in point: 1958's Bijo to Ekitainingen aka The H-Man.

Nick Stahl and Company to Attend Dylan's Wake

You know what the world needs? More supernatural love stories. No, we're not talking about the lusty adventures of Sam and Dean; we're talking horror with a heart, man. I mean, who doesn't love a little sappiness thrown in with their terror? Well, 90% of us, that's who, but flicks like these are still coming anyway.

Ali Larter Back for Resident Evil: Afterlife -- More Plot Details!

In a recent interview with BlackFilm about the upcoming film Surrogates, actor Boris Kodjoe let some more rotting Resident Evil: Afterlife related cats of the bag.

Machete Slices & Hacks Itself Some International Distro

Good news for fans abroad looking forward to the feature length version of one of the best mock trailers to appear in Grindhouse, Robert Rodriguez's Machete -- the flick has scored itself some overseas distribution!

Never Sleep Again Teaser Art

A teaser poster for what is shaping up to be a monster-sized gift for Fred-heads around the world, Never Sleep Again, debuted online today with a mighty slash and trademark cackle. Ok, so there's no cackle but the artwork is still bitchin'!