Mandate Signs Sam Raimi to Oversee Refuge

It's always nice to see someone giving back to the community that gave him a start, and that's exactly what Sam Raimi is doing for up-and-coming British director Corin Hardy and his project entitled Refuge. Raimi, along with Jason Blum, Nathan Kahane, and Steven Schneider, will produce the film for Mandate Pictures, where Raimi's Ghost House Pictures has a deal.

Thirty Short Stories in Thirty Days

In celebration of the publication of his new book Frostbite, a tale of werewolves in the frozen north that hits stores October 6th, horror author David Wellington has a gift for you. Thirty little gifts, actually, sure to delight and enthrall. That is, if you dare to read them...

Columbia Talking Ghost Rider 2 with David Goyer

Nicolas Cage has been talking about a Ghost Rider sequel for over a year now (see an earlier story by Foy from 9/4/08) and nobody paid him much mind, but now the trades are getting into the act and throwing around David Goyer's name to boot.

David Cronenberg Remaking His Remake of The Fly?

The above headline kind of makes our heads hurt a little. Just a little. Two questions beckon ... Why remake a remake? and If you're going to remake a remake, who better than the director of the original remake to remake his own remake into a brand new remake? Okay. I'm gonna need some Advil, stat!

Dennis Quaid Talks Pandorum and Legion

Apparently, there still are a lot of secrets in space. That can be the only explanation why actor Dennis Quaid wasn't able to give up the goods when recently talking to Dread Central about his upcoming sci-fi/thriller Pandorum.

Swampy Updates on Boggy Creek and Muckman

We've been following the progress of two new swamp monster movies in the works, and today we can bring you new news on both. More plot details have emerged on the Boggy Creek non-remake. The first image giving us a good look at swamp thing on the prowl in Brett Piper's Muckman is now available for gawking at. Put on your galoshes; things are about to get swampy.

Read The Monstrumologist Online Now - For FREE!

If you missed out winning a copy of Rick Yancey's The Monstrumologist during our recent contest, don't despair. In an unusual turn of events, publisher Simon & Schuster is making the entire book available online for free for the next week via the innovative iPaper application from Scribd.

Presenting the Dexter and Doakes Two-Pack

Everyone's favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, and his nemesis from the first two seasons, Sgt. James Doakes, are about to come home in a 7-inch action figure twin-pack from Bif Bang Pow!

Creeping Shadows Creeping onto Bookshelves

Yesterday was the first day of fall, which means for a large portion of the country it's getting to be that time of the year when thoughts turn to curling up by the fire with a nice juicy novel or two. How about three in one? Information on Creeping Shadows recently came across our desk, and it offers up a trio of fables of mayhem and murder from some of today's most cutting edge authors.

Stephenie Meyer's The Host Heading to the Big Screen

Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer is about to see another one of her projects up on the big screen, and luckily for us, this one's geared toward adults. Rights to Meyer's The Host have been acquired by producers Nick Wechsler and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz (who also teamed up for John Hillcoat's adaptation of The Road).

A Bitter Feast Served Up Nice and Hot

With programming on The Food Network gaining more and more popularity each day, we knew it wasn't gonna be long before someone added a dash of death and a pinch of horror to some form of food related genre flick! Enter Joe Maggio's Bitter Feast starring James LeGros for Glass Eye Pix. Synopsis

A New Clip from The Hills Run Red

In just a few short days, Dave Parker's The Hills Run Red will be hitting DVD with a splat courtesy of Warner Premiere, and to celebrate this rapidly approaching and gore filled occasion we've got a new clip for you!

The Cast and Crew of Pandorum Speak

With Pandorum opening this Friday, we thought we'd look back to a couple of months ago when we caught up with the cast and crew at the SDCC '09. See how smart we are? Sitting on this video until it's more relevant! Where's our cookie?

More Zombieland Goodness - New Clip

Another clip appeared online today for Zombieland (review here) courtesy of MySpace TV, and what a shock! It's another good one!

Do You Believe in Evilution?

Never mind that whole "we are descended from monkeys" business, we're talking about evil here, folks, and as anyone here on the net can tell you, that means serious business! Especially when pertaining to flesh-eating zombies who are out to ravage the planet.