Platinum Dunes Signs with Paramount, First Film Announced

So it's official. Michael Bay and company have pulled up stakes and headed over to Paramount to continue their particularly evil ways. Please, powers that be ... keep them away from Paranormal Activity. Just can't imagine that flick with explosions or faux grittiness.

Fairytale Fights Gameplay Footage

We know what you're thinking. "Fairytale Fights? What in the hell is Dread Central covering that for?" Honestly, before we saw the gameplay footage, we were wondering the same damn thing. You guys really need to see this for yourselves!

Mother's Day Behind-the-Scenes Accident Still

Darren Bousman's Mother's Day redux is still rolling up in Canada, and from what we've seen and heard the shoot has been an absolute madhouse, packing more than its fair share of carnage and sick!

Exclusive: Parnormal Activity Boston Reaction Video

A couple of weeks ago Dread Central hosted our own free midnight screening of Paranormal Activity to a sold out crowd hoping to get the shit scared out of them. Was their wish granted? Check out our exclusive video from after the screening!

New Predators Casting News!

A tidbit of interesting casting news for Robert Rodriguez's reboot of Predators has just come down courtesy of Variety, and we've got all the details on this latest hunt.

Win Two Pairs of Tickets to Scary Movies 3

We were JUST telling you about the Scary Movies 3 film series in NYC, but the Film Society of Lincoln Center didn't want to just leave you with a heads-up. They also want to offer three lucky winners the chance to see two movies of their choice!

Win the Short Film Collection Curious Stories, Crooked Symbols

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of short films, and we know most of you guys are also. Which is why we jumped at the chance to give away ten copies of Curious Stories, Crooked Symbols: The Short Films of Rodrigo Gudino, a collection of visionary short films from Rue Morgue magazine’s founding editor and publisher.

Brides of Dracula Heading to New Hampshire for Spooktacular 3

We get emails all the time about this event or that event taking place across the country and do our best to pass on the info to our readers. Today a note about the third "Spooktacular" in Keene, New Hampshire, landed in our mailbox, and we have to say that it sounds completely badass!

I Sell the Dead Comic Details and Artwork

One of our favorite indie flicks of the year remains writer/director Glenn McQuaid's I Sell the Dead so the opportunity to revisit its quirky characters is indeed welcome. How is that possible, you ask? By picking up the I Sell the Dead comic book that hits stores this Wednesday, October 7!

Saw VI Red Band Puts Your Friends on the Wheel of Death!

The red band clip from Lionsgate's Saw VI, which premiered exclusively on mobile phones at the San Diego Comic-Con this past July, has returned over on the official Saw VI website along with a bit more gore-soaked fun!

Stephen King's Haven Finds Funding

E1 Entertainment has found its funding to make the thirteen-episode TV series "Stephen King's Haven". And the King fans go wild!

Halo-8 Unveils New Godkiller Clip

Does the idea of Lance Henriksen delivering a monologue in which he explains his use of sex-magic to solve crimes pique your curiosity? If so, that's exactly what you can see in the clip from Godkiller that was provided to us today by Halo-8 Entertainment.

Teaser Art and Synopsis for Bait 3D

Director Russell Mulcahy is back with a new film on the horizon that promises to be full of bite. Shark bite, that is. All toothy and such, and in -- are you ready? -- 3D! Because you know, no one is making 3D movies anymore so this should be a nice change of pace!

Third REC Coming Soon?

With REC 2 (review here) enjoying a successful opening weekend in its homeland, buzz has already started that there will be a third entry into this now unexpected franchise.

Twelve More Markets Added to Paranormal Activity Release Roll-Out

One city several our readers have been hoping to see Paranormal Activity screen in is Pittsburgh, and we are happy to report that it is indeed included in the 12 new markets where the film will open this weekend due to your demands.