Starz Celebrating Zombiemania

Who doesn't love zombies? They're cute, cuddly, and full of adorable maggots that are sure to feast on your flesh once it makes it down to the pit of their rotting bellies. It's about time one cable station hosted a program detailing their rich history! Enter Starz's Zombiemania!

Duncan Jones' Moon Shines Brightly at Sitges

The results are in from the recently concluded Sitges Film Festival, which ran from October 1st-12th in Catalonia, Spain, and Duncan Jones' hauntingly beautiful Moon (review here) left its competition in the dust.

Rock and Shock This Weekend

This weekend a party will be heard down the Eastern coast. It's the best time you'll have this Halloween season. It's ROCK AND SHOCK!!! This year's guest list includes John Landis, Sid Haig, Corbin Bernsen, Malcolm McDowell, Doug Jones, PJ Soles, and more!

Never Sleep Again ... On Twitter

While work officially began on what's shaping up to be the ultimate documentary on the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Never Sleep Again, a few weeks back, the project has just gotten its very own Twitter page; and if you follow it, you're gonna be getting all kinds of behind-the-scenes info on what we've got cooking up!

International Saw VI One Sheets

Hold on to your asses, folks! You're about to see a true rarity! Two international posters for Lionsgate's upcoming sequel Saw VI that are nowhere near as cool as the domestic ones. Who says we have to wait until 2012 for the apocalypse?!?

Behind-the-Scenes: KNB Drags Fans to Hell!

It is common knowledge that when directors hit box office gold, they can make whatever they wish for a follow-up film. For Sam Raimi, coming off three Spider-Man films that all rank among the top 50 domestic box office grossers of all time, he could have made virtually any film he could conjure as his next cinematic venture.

Mandalay Acquires Joe Hill's Horns

Joe Hill's upcoming novel Horns isn't even being published by William Morrow until February, 2010, but it's already been scooped up by Mandalay Pictures for the big screen treatment.

Join Robert Englund for the Monster-Mania Halloween Party

Here at Dread Central we celebrate Halloween for the whole month of October, as do our friends at Monster-Mania. And how better than spending some quality time with the original Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, at not just one ... but two ... awesome events?

UPDATED: Paranormal Activity Scares Up Humongous Box Office

**UPDATE: The final numbers are in, and Paranormal Activity was under-estimated. It actually came in FOURTH with $7.9 million!** After this weekend Paranormal Activity can officially be upgraded from a cult hit in the making to a pop culture phenomenon getting ready to explode. Made for around $11,000 and currently playing on only 160 screens, Paranormal Activity came in fourth at the box office with a - HOLY CRAP! - take of $7,900,695. That is a gargantuan $49,000+ per screen average, more than likely a record for a film on that many screens.

More Horror Starlets Join Bowling for Boobies

This scribe is asking the horror community during this month – our month of months – to unite for a good cause: supporting local Los Angeles women battling breast cancer by giving a small donation.

Trailer and Details for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

This one slipped under the radar, as sometimes it is difficult to tell what is purely fantasy and what nosedives right into our creepy neck of the woods. With Castlevania: Lords of Shadow we've got a mask purported to return the dead to life, legions of bloodthirsty monsters, and a lead character who walks around with a mad on, just itching to turn anything he comes across into a smear of gore. Let's check the vitals...

Supernatural: Clip from Ep. 6 and Some New Casting News

We're already up to Episode 6 of Season 5 of Supernatural, entitled "I Believe the Children Are Our Future", and the first sneak peek video is available ... along with some pretty awesome guest casting news for Episode 10, set to air on November 19th.

Ian Somerhalder Ready to Rock Cradlewood

It's only been on a few weeks, but we have to admit one of our newest guilty pleasures is The CW's "The Vampire Diaries", and the main reason is Ian Somerhalder's flamboyant portrayal of the oh-so-bad vamp brother Damon Salvatore. Which ensures that we'll be keeping tabs on his newly announced involvement in the "Gothic fairytale" Cradlewood.

First Twilight Saga: New Moon Music Video

If you ever turn off your iPod and listen to the radio, then you've no doubt heard Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me on the Equinox" single from The Twilight Saga: New Moon just about non-stop since it first debuted a few weeks ago. And now you can do more than just listen as the first music video for the song (and the film) has arrived online.

Paranormal Activity Reaches One Million Demands! Opening Wide!

Who says the general public has no muscle? Horror fans? We're a rowdy and robust bunch. We like what we like and we aren't afraid to cause a ruckus to get what we want. That being said ... you wanted it? YOU GOT IT! Paranormal Activity is now poised to open wide!