Brad Fuller Talks the Newest Nightmare

By now we've all seen the Platinum Dunes trailer for the unnecessary A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Now everyone's favorite producer, Brad Fuller, is sounding off about the response, Freddy's look and more. Keep reading if you dare!

Not Alone Wraps Production

We got word today that production has wrapped on the UK horror film Not Alone. While we're not sure when we're going to be getting this sucker Stateside, read on for more details and pictures from this promising horror flick directed by FX artist Tristan Versluis.

AFI Fest Announces Halloween Schedule

Yet more horror to see in the season! AFI FEST has announced its horror programming: a number of genre films scheduled to be shown on Halloween at the Mann Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood, California.

New York Comic Con Announces One Year Out Bowling Party

New York Comic Con (NYCC) organizers have announced that they will hold a special "One Year Out" Bowling Party on Thursday, October 8, 2009, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Bowlmor Lanes, 110 University Place, just South of Union Square in New York City.

The Crazies Trailer Debuts

Time to get crazy for a trailer! Over on Apple the trailer for Breck Eisner's remake of the George A. Romero classic The Crazies has just hit, and it's looking pretty good!

Let Me In Casting Confirmed

The saying may be "Father knows best", but in the case of Matt Reeves' upcoming Let the Right One In redux, entitled Let Me In (which happens to be the same name of the novel on which both films are based), it appears that Mother knows quite a bit as well.

Win a Saw The Video Game and Saw DVD Prize Package

On October 6th Konami's Saw The Video Game will be unleashed on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. That's right, gamers will finally be able to join in on Jigsaw's games, and in celebration of this upcoming gory event, we've got a couple of prize packages you should really sink your teeth into!

Exclusive New House of the Devil Stills

One film we've been looking forward to for months now is Ti West's House of the Devil (review here), which promises some old school mood, tension, and buildup. To help get you guys ready for the journey, the filmmakers have provided Dread Central with three exclusive new stills.

Zombieland Review Still Shambling

Just a reminder that our Zombieland review has been up and running for almost a month now. Being that it's hitting tomorrow, you may have forgotten we had one. If that is the case, you should be lined up for a well placed headshot!

A Trailer for The Revenant Finds Its Way Online

When we first put up our five-knife review for D. Kerry Prior's The Revenant last May, I was a bit taken aback. Where did this flick come from, and how in the hell was it worthy of a perfect score? Well, now that I've seen it (thanks to the awesome Fantastic Fest), I have to admit that, despite it being a tad too long, it is indeed nearly flawless.

Chiller Eyegore Honorees Announced

I’m always amazed when I hear that somebody out there liked Rob Zombie’s Halloween films so imagine my surprise when the Chiller Eyegore Honorees found their way into my inbox today with none other than Rob himself at the top of the list. Once again, I’m reminded of the fact that someone out there liked Halloween II, and here’s the news to prove it.

IFC November Thrills and Chills

Even though everyone's all about what's hitting home video in October for Halloween, the good folks over at IFC gave us a look at what they're dishing out in terms of horror and thrillers for the month of November!

Some Revealing New Photos from Beastly

The folks behind the upcoming edgy teen romance Beastly provided three new stills along with a more detailed synopsis of the film today. One photo show us Vanessa Hudgens looking quite lovely and in the others Alex Pettyfer reveals himself ... literally.

Jon Heder Woke Up Dead

Napoleon Dynamite himself, Jon Heder, will headline a new web series, Woke Up Dead, about a young man who finds himself plagued by ever worsening zombie-like symptoms.

Cold Spots: The Allen House

Monticello, Arkansas - Behind a black iron gate sits a house that seems to be something out of a dream. White pillars, red domed roof, surrounded by trees, the home is an ideal setting for a fairy-tale existence, a happy home where nothing could ever go wrong. But within, not everything is as it seems. There is an unhappy air, a sadness that paces the floors, accompanied by the sounds of crying and faces peering back out of mirrors. She didn't die a violent death, nor was it much of a surprise to her when she died. She took her own life.