Tickets Now On Sale: Halloween Horror Nights

This year's Halloween Horror Nights looks set to be the biggest, best, and most rockin' horror themed shindig ever! My Bloody Valentine, Halloween, Saw, Shaun of the Dead themed attractions will be alive and kicking along with the addition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Sarge Speaks! New Survival of the Dead Video

I can pretty much guarantee that no one is more stoked for the release of George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead than I am. Being a zombie for the master? It just doesn't get much better. To help you get just as excited, a new video has debuted on the official Survival of the Dead MySpace page!

Black Devil Doll Novels Now On Sale

Who knew? You know the old saying "Stranger things have happened?" Well, it doesn't get much stranger than this. The most offensive movie of the year, Black Devil Doll (review here), has gotten itself an honest to goodness real-deal novelization and you can get your hands on that bad boy right now.

Disturbing Pandorum Motion Poster

Ever since their inception it seems like every film needs or wants to have a motion poster. The reason being? They're just too damned cool, and when implemented right, they can be absolutely frightening. If you thought the still posters for Pandorum were freaky, wait until you dig on the mayhem in motion!

Paranormal Activity on Its Way? Rumor Addressed.

Wow. What a road. Tonight rumblings began regarding the release of Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity (review here). Some sites are touting a release date as early as September 25th, 2009. Could it be?

Lakeshore Taps into TV with Heathers Revival

We've heard it might be turned into a musical and we've heard more times than we can count that a sequel is coming ... all with no real results ... but finally it looks like fans of Heathers are being thrown a bone with some actual meat on it. Sony Pictures TV and Lakeshore Entertainment have the project in the script stage at Fox with Mark Rizzo tapped for writing duty to convert the film into a contemporary TV series.

Hayden Christensen Will Be Vanishing on 7th Street

An unlikely trio of stars are in talks to appear in Brad Anderson's upcoming Vanishing on 7th Street, an indie thriller the director co-wrote with Anthony Jaswinski. Anderson, who for my money still hasn't quite lived up to the promise he showed with Session 9, is following up the recent Transsiberian and a string of "Fringe" episodes with Vanishing.

The Vampire Diaries Shows Off Its Darker Truth

One of the things Dread Central wasn't able to squeeze into its schedule during the recent San Diego Comic-Con was the preview of the first episode of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries" that was shown over the weekend. So we're still not sure if it's just more of the same Twilight-esque tween fodder or something a bit more edgy. Perhaps its four-episode prequel web series "A Darker Truth" will shed a bit of light on the show's intentions.

Godkiller DVD Will Include Prequel Audiobooks

As announced previously, Halo-8 Entertainment will be releasing its Godkiller: Walk Among Us "illustrated film" series in the form of bi-monthly, episodic DVDs. Additionally, we've learned that each of the three DVDs will come packaged with a serialized audiobook of the prequel novel Godkiller: Silent War, written by the film's award-winning writer/director Matt Pizzolo.

Exclusive Stills: Fading of the Cries

Here at Dread Central we pride ourselves on working fast to get you cool shit on new movies before anyone else. Sometimes we fail miserably, but most times we succeed. Get ready for a little success in the vein of some exclusive new stills from Brian Metcalf's horror/fantasy Fading of the Cries starring Brad Dourif. Synopsis

Malcolm McDowell On Halloween II

Malcolm McDowell is the man. No one can dispute that. So it’s no surprise that his return to the character of Dr. Loomis is one of the few highlights in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Dread Central was on hand with a roundtable of journalists to hear the legendary actor spew his usual brand of wit and sarcasm.

Rob Zombie Talks Halloween .... Again!

This weekend Rob Zombie unleashes all the gory mayhem, bearded rednecks, and white horses you can stomach! The musician-turned-filmmaker sat down with Dread Central and a great big roundtable of journalists to talk about his craft, his love of horror, and hardships bringing Michael Myers back to the screen.

Axelle Carolyn Talks Horror, Acting, Writing, and Journalism

I first became acquainted with Axelle Carolyn when she authored an article in Fangoria magazine and I was struck by her unusual name. At first I thought she had just flipped her names (I wasn’t aware at the time that “Axelle” is a Belgian/French female given name) and was really Carolyn Axelle.

Exclusive: Leslie Vernon Spotted in Cyberspace

Back in 2006, an aspiring reporter took you Behind the Mask (review here) to introduce you to a psycho slasher named Leslie Vernon whose singular goal was to eclipse the pantheon of the great slashers to come before him.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Antichrist

When he sent over his take on Graphic Sexual Horror a few weeks ago, we thought Trembles had gone just about as NSFW as he could, but this week's take on Antichrist puts that effort to shame! Proceed at your own risk, and don't blame us if you feel a twinge or two down in your nether regions.