Marvel Scaring Up a Venom Solo Movie

Variety reported today that Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Seabiscuit) is following up his rewrite of Spider-Man 4 with writing-directing duties on a solo spin-off movie based on the Marvel villain Venom that got shoehorned quite awkwardly into Spider-Man 3. I ask this in all honesty: Does anyone care about a Venom movie?

Twisted Pictures Revving a 3D Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Jason's done 3D (and will do so again next year). Freddy's done 3D. Michael Myers might do 3D. Now Leatherface is going to rev up his chainsaw for a three-dimensional chainsaw massacre, at least if the Saw producers close their pending deal to take over the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.

Phase 1 of The Box Website Now Open

I can barely remember how we got our news before the advent of Twitter, but thanks to that revolutionary little networking service, we learned just a short while ago courtesy of director Richard Kelly that "Phase 1 of The Box official website is live."

Two New Twilight Saga: Eclipse Set Photos

A couple of photos that look to be from a new urban set (Seattle, maybe?) for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse surfaced online this evening, and while the quality isn't the greatest, we know how hungry the series' fans are for every scrap of information out there. So, grainy or not, here they are!

Twilight Parody Nightlight Coming from Harvard Lampoon

Now this is my kind of Twilight story! For the first time in 40 years, The Harvard Lampoon will publish a parody novel, this time putting a tongue-in-cheek spin on Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling Twilight series. The book is entitled Nightlight.

Official Poster for The Lovely Bones

The official poster for Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones surfaced today, and it is ... quite lovely indeed!

The Hills Run Red and Trick 'r Treat at a Dark Delicacies Signing!

I gotta say Dave Parker's The Hills Run Red having watched it a second time is really starting to grow on me. Trick 'r Treat, on the other hand, knocked me flat from the first frame, and I'm already planning to curl up with the Blu-ray again. The really cool news is that if you want to meet the creative geniuses behind these groovy flicks, keep on reading to get into the know!

Full Cast and Premise of Resident Evil: Afterlife

Before the Resident Evil franchise is, rightfully, rebooted, we're going to have one more foray into the half-assed world of clones, superpowers and convoluted, half-baked ideas courtesy of Paul W.S. Anderson. Read on for a full cast list and plot breakdown.

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Deluxe Edition Available Soon

Quirk Classics has had such great success with its Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that it's preparing a Deluxe Heirloom Edition of the best seller. Read on for all the details.

More Details Revealed about Mirrors 2

Another sequel no one is clamoring for, Mirrors 2, is apparently proceeding full steam ahead, and today some details were revealed including the film's director and a brief outline of the storyline.

Saw VI Featurette with Tobin Bell

His character Jigsaw may be "dead" (in the world of Saw it's always safer include those quotation marks), but that's not stopping Tobin Bell from playing a major role in the promotion machine for Saw VI, as evidenced by the featurette that just showed up on MySpace.

Exclusive Early Stills from Boggy Creek

Following up on the story we ran recently with an update on indie flick Boggy Creek, today we got ahold of four early stills from the production that indicate things are looking suitably swampy.

The Phantom of the Opera Heads to ... Coney Island?

Although the Andrew Lloyd Webber play and subsequent film version of Phantom of the Opera were admittedly light on horror, the Phantom himself is still one of the big daddies of the genre as far as we're concerned, so we'd be remiss if we didn't let you guys know about an in-the-works sequel from Webber entitled Love Never Dies set in, of all place, Coney Island, New York.

Kevin Smith's Red State Gets Funding?

It's been a long while since we've heard anything about Kevin Smith's proposed horror film entitled Red State. A while back the Weinsteins passed on the script so the project has been homeless, much like the Myers character in RZ's H2. However, it looks as if things are finally coming together.

Dexter Animated Webisodes, Stills, Trailer

I’m not sure why I only started watching Dexter about a month ago, but now that I’m addicted I have to ask myself: Why did I wait so long? It’s hard to think of another show out there that incorporates great writing and acting so seamlessly (although The Shield comes to mind). And with that said, today’s announcement of ongoing webisodes has definitely got me hungry for more!