Dead Air Poster Contest Update

We recently posted news about the Dead Air fan poster contest, and several entries have already been submitted. This is a reminder to our more artistically inclined readers to get cracking on your own poster, and to the rest of you ... Get Voting!

Dexter Stars Talk Season 4: John Lithgow and Julie Benz

While Dexter himself is busy carving his way through a new host of bad guys, Season 4 stars John Lithgow and Julie Benz took a break from the bloodshed to talk a little bit about the recent goings on and what we can expect!

Third Saw VI TV Spot

A third television spot for Lionsgate's Saw VI has surfaced today that sadly reminded me of what gets on my nerves about the series to begin with ... the way that it's edited.

In A Spiral State Screening This Friday 10/16/09

Ramzi Abed's metaphysical thriller In a Spiral State is holding its microcinema premiere at the Echo Park Film Center this Friday, October 16, from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

The CW Shares Three Sneak Peeks of Vampire Diaries - Lost Girls

Each week The CW's The Vampire Diaries grows on us a little bit more as the plot thickens and we learn the characters' back stories. And this week's episode, "Lost Girls", promises more of the latter as flashbacks reveal why the tensions between brothers Stefan and Damon started. To help whet your appetites, The CW has provided three preview clips.

Cold Spots: The Gardette-LePrete House (The Sultan's Palace)

New Orleans, Louisiana - There are places in the world that defy description. The horrors of what happened within their walls seem far-fetched or even impossible outside the confines of a horror movie. And yet, for many places, fiction could not even hope to capture the terrors of real life. Strangers from far away, riches and murder most foul may begin the story, but where does it end? If it had ended, some might say, the house would not be haunted.

Saw VI: New Image and B-Roll Footage

With just two weeks to go before Kevin Greutert's Saw VI is unleashed upon yet another Halloween horror-loving audience, the behind-the-scenes materials are still coming on hot and heavy.

Sitges is Heartless

Lionsgate UK just dropped a four-minute long look at Philip Ridley's Heartless (review here) and its trek to the 42nd Sitges Film Festival, and we've got it for you minus the jet-lag.

Ju-On Sequels Renamed

The two new chapters in the Takashi Shimizu created franchise Ju-On have been renamed for us silly Americans who don't like to think or learn other languages. Brain. Hurt. Words. Bad.

Saw VII 3D Process Examined

Yep. Even though Saw VI is just days away, we're already talking about Saw VII. Hard to believe but true nonetheless. At the Saw VI press conference today (look for a full report soon), producer Mark Berg spoke a bit about how they're handling the 3D process for the next entry in Jigsaw's long list of games.

Dread Central Tours Almost Human Studios

This past summer The Horror Chick Heather Wixson was able to take an exclusive tour of writer/director Robert Hall's special effects studio, Almost Human. Wixson decided to bring along a camera to give horror fans a rare sneak peek into the inner-workings of Almost Human.

Behind the Visual Effects of Fear Clinic

Recently Heather Wixson took a tour of writer/director Robert Hall's special effects studio, Almost Human. While touring the facility, Wixson ran into Erik Porn, Shop Coordinator, who was working on some of the visual effects for the upcoming FearNet web series "Fear Clinic".

New Sherwood Horror Poster Makes Not Merry

More casting news and a new concept poster have come in for John Regan's Sherwood Horror, a modern reworking of Robin Hood with a horror twist.

Ben Rock Wants You to Shut Up!

First time Reaper Award (or Grimmy, as he is affectionately known) winner for best direct-to-video feature, director Ben Rock, and producer Alicia Conway have taken part in Instant Film's Movies Made in 48 Hours Film Festival; and we've got a look at his entry for you ... a little flick that insists that you Shut Up! I Said Shut Up!

Antichrist: Chaos Reigns: The Satanic Life of Mr. Fox

We've all heard and seen tons of stuff surrounding the very controversial new film Antichrist directed by Lars Von Trier, but we've never seen anything quite like this!