Nic Cage Will Drive Angry for Patrick Lussier

With the box office success of The Final Destination this weekend, we expected to hear about upcoming 3D projects over the next several days and weeks, but nothing prepared us for the prospect of Nicolas Cage and his hair being involved in one of them. However, seeing the names Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer attached to the same film does engender a bit more confidence in it.

H2 vs TFD at the Box Office: Death (and Michael Myers) Defeat Michael Myers

The (almost) final weekend box office numbers are in, confirming our earlier report that David R. Ellis' The Final Destination had emerged as the champ in its battle against Rob Zombie's Halloween II. The numbers? $28.3 million (a whopping $9,079 per screen) for TFD (no doubt benefiting from its 3D price bump) and $17.4 million (a much smaller average of $5,754) for H2.

2010 Scotchworthy Girls Calendar Now Available

Nerdcore may have some competition for genre-friendly girlie calendars as Scotchworthy Productions has revealed its new 2010 calendar, which will feature the scantily clad Scotchworthy girls posed in re-creations of various horror film favorites.

Predators to Have a Luau

We're guessing Texas wasn't exactly a great location for jungle landscapes because 20th Century Fox film scouts have headed to Hawaii to find a few choice locales for its Predators to roam around in.

Coming Summer 2010: Halloween 3D

In what seems like a reaction to Halloween II coming in third at the box office this weekend, Bob Weinstein has announced to the LA Times that a new sequel is already on the way. One that is free of Rob Zombie and to be shot in 3D.

The Final Destination - The Cast Speaks Before They Splat

It's official. The Final Destination (review here) has taken the #1 spot at the box office, beating off The Shape and the Basterds (man, that sounded dirty). Judging by the numbers, lots of you have already seen the film's stars dispatched in all manner of nasty ways ... but have you heard what they had to say about the experience?

Breath of Hate - Production Video Blog 5

Welcome back, Dread-ites, to The Horror Chick Heather Wixson's video production blog for Breath of Hate - Day Five. Who knows what mayhem lies ahead!

Ellen Page's Ghost Cat Comes Back to Haunt Her

Ellen Page was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar in 2008 for her title role in Juno. Back in 2003 Ellen Page starred in a Canadian made-for-TV movie called Ghost Cat that aired in the US on Animal Planet. That film would have long since been forgotten about if Page hadn't gone on to be somebody. Now her past is coming back to haunt her with a DVD release of her family-friendly supernatural feline flick.

Joel Silver Planting Seeds for Swamp Thing's Return?

To the best of my knowledge the world has not been clamoring for the big screen return of Swamp Thing but then it's not like remaking DC Comic's Swamp Thing would be sacrilege. Wes Craven's 1982 film version was enjoyably campy and Jim Wynorski's 1989 sequel tested the limits of campy fun; neither are classics. If uber producer Joel Silver wants to remake Swamp Thing in 3D, I say go for it.

Wicked Lake’s Carlee Baker Abducted by Pig Man at Halloween Horror Nights!

This past Thursday Dread Central received an exclusive invitation from John Murdy (the creative director behind Halloween Horror Nights, which kicks of October 2 at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park – see our previous item here) for a bit of fun in the Saw: Game Over maze.

Event Video: The Final Destination Premiere

Hey, horror fans! Last night was the red (or in this case black) carpet premiere for The Final Destination 3D, and Heather Wixson was on hand to get you an exclusive look all the excitement from the Mann's Theater in Westwood.

Customize The Final Destination Site with Your Pictures

Now that The Final Destination (review here) is in theatres, the powers-that-be have something interesting cooking over on the official website!

Destruction Filled Japanese 2012 Trailer

While we all are eagerly anticipating the end of the world in 2012, we can start dying vicariously through this new Japanese trailer for disaster-king (this looks good, but we're not ready yet to forgive you for what you did to Godzilla) Roland Emmerich.

Tour The Walking Dead via Google Maps

Have you ever thought about retracing the steps various members of The Walking Dead have taken over the course of the comic's narrative?

Sneak Peek at True Blood Episode 23

If there's a finer way to cap off the week than by watching "True Blood" sneak peeks provided by HBO, I've yet to find it. And with only two more episodes left, we better dig in while we can!