The Hills Run Red with Clips!

We're closing in on September 29, the date when Dave Parker's modern slasher flick The Hills Run Red bows on DVD, courtesy of Warner Home Video. To get you in the mood for some Babyface inspired carnage, we've gotten our hands on several clips including a "vintage" trailer!

Exclusive New Stills: Possum Walk

Anyone who's well acquainted with me knows that I have no love for possums so it is with great trepidation that I report on a film called Possum Walk. Still, I've suffered for my craft and for your enjoyment before so here goes.

New Poster and Stills: Dark Woods

We've gotten our hands on a new one-sheet and several new stills from Michael Escobedo's Dark Woods, and rather than be greedy (which is always our first instinct), we figured we'd share them with you! We're good like that!

Final Sorority Row One-Sheet

Summit Entertainment released the final one-sheet for Stewart Hendler's Sorority Row, and though it's kind of floating headsy, it's still pretty damned cool.

Cool Trick 'r Treat Art Contest

The October 6th DVD/Blu-ray release day of Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat just cannot get here soon enough. The Dread Central offices are abuzz with anticipation, not just because finally everyone will have a chance to dig on what is without question the best anthology since Creepshow, but also we'll finally get to see it again!

German Pandorum Trailer Brings the Frights

The more we see and hear about Pandorum, the more we want this movie like yesterday! The German trailer slipped online today, and to say it's a bit disturbing is an understatement. Then again everything from Germany is a bit disturbing, and we mean that in the best possible of ways!

Loaded Bible to Be Halo-8's Next Illustrated Film

Halo-8 Entertainment has secured the rights for award-winning director Matt Pizzolo and Emmy-winning producer Brian Giberson to create an "illustrated film" adaptation of Loaded Bible: Jesus vs. Vampires, a post-nuke horror comic book published by Image Comics and created by Tim Seeley. A 2010 theatrical release is planned for the film.

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Final Destination

The fans have spoken, and The Final Destination won its opening weekend box office battle with Halloween II. But the real test of its mettle is how Trembles sees it, so of course it's the topic of this week's Motion Picture Purgatory.

First Look at The Host 2!

Like lots of you, I consider The Host to be one of my favorite films from the past ten years. I still remember seeing it in theaters, unsure of what to expect, and being drawn into an amazing story with some of the best characters in recent memory (and a really cool creature, too). I'm not convinced that a sequel is necessary, but I'm the guy that would've balked at the Piranha II director making a sequel to Ridley Scott's Alien. So who knows?

Event Report: Horrific Film Fest #2, San Antonio TX

While everyone knows Austin as the "Live Music Capital of the World" and for its SXSW festival, few people know this: Just down the road in San Antonio, independent film is BIG, and there are indie filmmakers everywhere putting out quality entertainment for those who know where to look. This past weekend, August 27-30, the second annual Horrific Film Fest showcased a lot of that talent and allowed some of those filmmakers to meet a few horror movie icons and learn a few things from them as well.

Cold Spots: The Greenbriar Ghost

Greenbriar, West Virginia - In the courtroom, a man sits accused of murder. The victim's mother takes the stand and proclaims his guilt. Her only evidence can neither sit on a table nor can it take the stand. She's speaking for the deceased. In fact, her daughter's ghost told her he did it. The man protests, but to no avail. The ghost is proven right, and he spends the rest of his natural life in jail. What happens afterward is anyone's guess.

Give Horror Toys to Friends on Facebook

Sometimes around the Dread Central offices insomnia (or is it paranoia?) will kick in, and before you know it, we start working on crazy yet strangely amusing stuff.

9 Days of 9 Contest: Day One

And so it begins! In celebration of the release of 9 on 9/9/09, Dread Central is proud to be giving away one copy of The Book of 9 every day until the film's release ... STARTING NOW!

Horror Starlets Bowling For Boobies Need Your Help

Perhaps at some point in your life you've spent $20 in a strip club. If so, can you spare another $20 for a woman battling breast cancer? You know you can!

Haunting Kira Website Now Live

We've done a couple of stories about director Teresa Fahs' upcoming indie effort Haunting Kira over the past couple of months, and now finally there's something to show you! The little flick that promises to bring back the gore and put the PG-13 bullshit to bed has gotten its own website!