Never Sleep Again Website Online This Friday

While we wait for Platinum Dunes to tarnish yet another beloved franchise with April, 2010’s A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, there’s still a Freddy project that we can all look forward to this spring. Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy is on its way, and today we’re going to give you the drop on the soon-to-launch official site!

Prototype Power Glove Massacre Shockingly Nintendo-less!

The premise of the new sci-fi thriller Prototype reminds me very much of a mostly forgotten film from 1989, Deadly Weapon, about an emotionally disturbed teen that gets hold of a military laser gun, which itself was a pseudo-remake of 1978's Laserblast, a cult fave about a troubled teen that gets his hand on an alien laser cannon.

DVD Releases: Oct. 20, 2009: Stay 100 Feet Away from The Whistler or You'll Take a Wrong Turn

It looks like a week of just a few hits and mostly misses when it comes to DVD and Blu-ray releases, but as always, it's our job to keep you guys in the loop on what's coming, so head on in and see what you might want to add to your collection.

Mother’s Day Filming Interrupted by Police Siege!

As we’ve told you already, Darren Lynn Bousman’s Mother’s Day remake is currently filming in the Great White North. The production was interrupted this past Saturday by Canadian police after mistaking a faux bank robbery for the real deal! Read on for the skinny!

Near Dark Blu-ray Features Announced

Breathe a sigh of relief, Near Dark fans! The upcoming Blu-ray release is not a bare bones affair. Now if only someone could perform a last minute change to that god-awful Diet-Twilight box art. Then we could be REALLY happy!

Two Dozen Plus Images: The Box

While we all eagerly anticipate Cameron Diaz showing us how she handles her box, Warner Bros. has blessed us with dozens of images to gear up for Richard Kelly's latest head-trip!

Wes Craven's 25/8 Officially Titled My Soul to Take

Once again Wes Craven has taken to Twitter to update everyone on the status of his upcoming 25/8. Wait ... what's that? The film has a new title? Read on for more!

Exclusive: Patrol Men Theatrical Poster and Concept Art

The guys who are putting together the "zero budget" indie film Patrol Men in the UK definitely seem to be doing things the right way. From the over 40(!) locations they've used for the flick to their fresh approach to the soundtrack (read more on that here), they are pouring their hearts and souls into the project. And today they've provided Dread Central with an exclusive first look at their brand new theatrical poster.

Monster Squad Gets a Director - But It's Not a Remake

Um. We're a little confused. Just a smidge. You see, there was this little flick roaming around called Nightcrawlers that sounded pretty decent. Lo and behold today the film has not only gotten itself a director but also a new title -- Monster Squad! But ... it's not a remake. Okay then.

Full Trailer for My Super Psycho Sweet 16

Looking forward to MTV's latest horror offering My Super Psycho Sweet 16, but you just don't know if it'll be worth your time? Here's the full trailer to help you decide!

Scott Derrickson Joins The Living

Director Scott Derrickson has had enough of giant robots and wooden actors who contribute to the Earth standing still. The filmmaker whom many of us love for The Exorcism of Emily Rose is now heading back to the land of the supernatural with his latest flick, The Living.

Early Art and Images: John Carpenter's The Ward

An eagle-eyed reader by the name of RJMacCready directed us to the Premiere Picture website, where some early artwork and images for John Carpenter's long awaited return to the big screen, The Ward, were just waiting for us!

Human Centipede Sequel Chatter: The Human Centipede II - The Full Sequence in 2010

Dread Central was on hand at this year's LA Screamfest and caught up with two of the stars of Tom Six's The Human Centipede: First Sequence (review here), Akihiro Kitamura and Ashley C. Williams, who shed a little bit of light on what the sequel The Human Centipede II - The Full Sequence has in store for us.

Dread Chats with the Stars of The Human Centipede

Dread Central hit last night’s premiere at Screamfest LA of the much talked about (and sensationally denigrating) Tom Six-written and directed feature The Human Centipede: First Sequence (review here) in Hollywood, CA, and brought back some ocular candy and video of a pair of the film’s stars.

Dinner for Fiends: Halloween Hits and Misses Part 1

Ok, so sometimes we're a little slow, but we usually deliver the goods so quit your bitchin'! Gear up for part one of our look at this Halloween season's biggest hits and misses.