Nick Stahl Looks Deep Into the Mirror

20th Century Fox must be under the impression that someone out there liked last summer's Mirrors, since they're making good on their threat to give us another one. And it seems that Nick Stahl will be picking up where Kiefer Sutherland left off, although I doubt he'll be pulling guns on nuns or fist-fighting demons.

Blood Creek Coming Home

Well, we knew it wouldn't be long before this flick hit home video! Arriving on DVD January 19 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment is Joel Schumacher's long-delayed and recently dumped into theatres, Blood Creek (review here).

Cabin Fever 2's Noah Segan Speaks

Dread Central hit the Los Angeles premiere of Ti West’s Cabin Fever 2 last week at Screamfest LA, and chatted with the film’s star Noah Segan, who riffed on the evolution of horror cinema, his thoughts on the controversy regarding the re-cut Cabin Fever 2 and his approach to his role in the Marcel Sarmiento/Gadi Harel co-directed Deadgirl.

Get Abducted by New Fourth Kind Clip

The Fourth Kind continues to pick up all kinds of spooky momentum in this latest clip featuring poor Milla Jovovich, dealing with more than just the usual issues everyone is faced with every now and again.

Dread Central Goes to Sinister Pointe

Last year, Jeff Schiefelbein's Saw: The Haunted Attraction scared up a lot of business and became recognized as one of Southern California's biggest and best Halloween mazes. This year, Scheifelbein and his crew have returned to deliver Sinister Pointe - a new attraction with two brand spankin' new mazes: "Fear", an original maze of Jeff's design and "Silent Hill" which throws you right in the middle of Konami's terrifying game series.

In LA? Take in a Slasher for Halloween!

Playwright Allison Moore captivated audiences at the 2009 Humana Festival with this edgy, satirical and laugh-out-loud thriller, Slasher. This Halloween, The Zephyr on Melrose Theatre brings to Los Angeles all the hilarity, blood and gore of Moore’s witty and brilliantly written black comedy.

MattFini's Halloween Top 10 Lists: Ghost Stories!

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're always on the lookout for good new writers here at Dread Central, and with the addition of MattFini we hit pay dirt! Matt's not only one of our best and brightest, but he's also as opinionated as they come. You're almost always guaranteed to be either infuriated or amused at his musings. Each day this week he'll be posting his own Halloween Top 10 lists. Agree? Disagree? Laugh! Cry! Sound off inside!

Quite Possibly the Greatest Horror Short EVER!

If only they all could be this damned good! Steady yourself, dear reader. Steel your nerves, lock your doors, pull your shades, and turn on all the lights! Nothing can prepare you for the horrors of Richard Gale's The Horribly Slow Murderer With the Extremely Inefficient Weapon!

Screamfest LA Awards Wrap-up - The Human Centipede Wins Big!

On Sunday, October 25th, the ninth annual Screamfest Horror Film Festival Awards were held at Level 3 at the Hollywood & Highland Complex in Hollywood.

Para-Knockers Activity Prepares to Go Hump in the Night

Fitting that this film be announced during Breast Cancer Awareness Month because if there is one man who is keenly aware of breasts, it would be Jim Wynorski. Having given us such horror-inspired softcore sex spoofs as The Witches of Breastwick, The Bare Wench Project, The Breastford Wives, and Cleavagefield, Wynorski is now setting his sights on a current horror hit with Para-Knockers Activity.

Director's Cut of Rob Zombie's Halloween II Ready to Go

Allow me to bust out the old adage “you can’t polish a turd”. Or can you? You could add six hours of footage to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, and it would still be 2009’s most unwatchable movie, but hey, that's just my opinion. And yes, I say this as a man who endured the Syfy remake of Children of the Corn this weekend.

David O’Reilly Gets Possessed

One of the many cool things about Paranormal Activity's success is that the supernatural subgenre is roaring back in a big way. I’m sure every major studio in Hollywood is looking through their scripts to find comparable material. Overseas the doors are opening as well with one such flick, The Possession of David O'Reilly, well under way!

Check Out the First Two Episodes of Dexter: Early Cuts Now

We told you about Dexter: Early Cuts, which is a twelve-part animated series told in four, one to two-minute installments, just a couple of weeks back; and now you can dig on the first two parts of Installment One right now!

Scream Awards 09 -- More Video Highlights

The Dread Central crew were in attendance at the recent Spike TV Scream Awards reporting on the events as they happened, and to get you geared up for watching the show tomorrow night, October 27th, Spike has released a few more highlights!

Deadgirl Writer Now Set to Show Us How to Chop

Trent Haaga, writer of recent cult film success Deadgirl, just announced his directorial debut with the independent thriller Chop. Chop, a revenge thriller with a comedic edge in the tradition of Fargo and Oldboy, centers on a seemingly innocent young couple forced by a psychotic stranger to confront their duplicitous past.