Enjoy Some Paranormal Activity in Telluride

Speculation about the official release date for Oren Peli's debut feature Paranormal Activity is still swirling around the film, but those of you who are attending the Telluride Film Festival have an earlier chance than most to see it as it will be screened on Saturday night, September 5th, as part of the fest's "Sneak Preview" series.

Exclusive: Rob Hall Talks Effects on Remake of The Crazies

So, yesterday Dread Central gave all you fiends an extensive look at the synopsis for Breck Eisner's upcoming remake of The Crazies. We thought it only fitting to offer up a glimpse of what kind of effects and gore you can expect from the flick.

Sorority Row - Red Carpet Report

Dread Central and actress Carlee (of Wicked Lake and the upcoming Alluvial) Baker hit the world premiere of Summit Entertainment’s Sorority Row (opening wide September 11) last night at Hollywood’s Arclight Theatre.

Dimension Dying a Slow Death? Chaos at the Studio!

It looks like a very unhappy Halloween for Bob and Harvey Weinstein and everyone over at Dimension. It seems the studio is bleeding out and not in the fun way that we're used to seeing up on the big screen.

First Official Clip - Survival of the Dead

In anticipation of the film's world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival as part of the "Midnight Madness" portion of programming, the first clip from George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead has made its way online.

More Hi-Def Horror - Henry Goes Blu

If you've never seen Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, then you're missing out on one of the single greatest and most disturbing true crime movies to date. In just a few weeks acquainted fans with the tech will be able to dig on his special breed of mayhem in 1080p!

Write Your Own True Blood Episode!

Usually at about this time of the day on Friday, we're putting up a sneak peek or two of the weekend's upcoming "True Blood" episode. But alas, the show is taking this Sunday off due to the Labor Day holiday before returning on September 13th with the season finale. But that doesn't mean you can't still have your fix of Sookie, Bill, Eric, and the rest of the gang. Read on for more.

More Cast Members Added to John Carpenter's The Ward

Has John Carpenter really been away from the big screen for almost ten years? Okay, maybe Ghosts of Mars wasn't amazing, but I thought it had enough going for it to warrant a look. That said, I don't think Carpenter's done with the scares just yet, and I'm pulling for The Ward to be his triumphant return. Oh yeah, there's some new casting news, too.

The Hills Run Red Site Now Open

In celebration and anticipation of its September 29th release date, Dave Parker's modern slasher flick The Hills Run Red has gotten itself a brand spanking new website that's riddled with clips, new stills, and even a blog for you to keep track of. Huzzah!

Joe Lynch to Introduce Us to the KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM

How's that for a title? Seriously, it only seems right written out in caps. KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM! We fuckin' love it! Ever since the better than it had any right to be Wrong Turn 2, we've all been waiting for Joe Lynch to get back into the director's chair. Now he's returning with a vengeance.

Five Clips to Help You Ease on Down The Road

"Ease on down ... Ease on down ... the road ..... Huh? Must you interrupt our Seventies themed Wiz inspired fun? You'd better have a good reason! Five clips from The Road? Ok! You have our full attention!

Official One-Sheet: The Descent Part 2

The sequel to Neil Marshal's claustrophobic classic, The Descent Part II, played last week at the Film 4 FrightFest in the UK. We'll have our official review for you soon, but first here's a look at the film's new one-sheet!

Tickets Now Available for New Moon Midnight Showings

It's hard enough for some of us to make plans for next week, much less two and a half months from now, but when it comes to The Twilight Saga, we've learned that it pays to be prepared for all contingencies. Just ask everyone who waited in line all day at Comic-Con to get into Hall H after the Twilighters took it over!

Take a Trip with the Devil Girl

Every once in a while a note comes across our desks about a new horror film that for whatever reason we haven't heard about until just before its release. One such project is Howie Askins' Devil Girl, which is being described as a throwback to 70's grindhouse horror.

Exclusive Clip - Dark Woods

What better way to start off a holiday weekend than with an exclusive clip for you guys? The sliver of shiver comes from a little flick called Dark Woods. Get those eyes peeled!