The Undead Rule The 4th Reich

As the resident Dread Central zombie aficionado, I'm always on the lookout for the next flesh-tearing fright fest for you guys. Over the last couple of years the Nazi zombie sub-genre has become pretty hot. With director Shaun Robert Smith's The 4th Reich, it looks like it may have just reached its boiling point.

Werewolf: The Series Delayed ... Again

Another sliver of bad news for fans of "Werewolf". We won't be seeing it in stores as planned on October 6th from Shout! Factory. In fact, we won't be seeing it on DVD this year at all.

Exclusive First Look: Jeremy Kasten's The Dead Ones

Director Jeremy Kasten has delivered the horror goods many times in the past, most recently with his take on The Wizard of Gore (review here), but it's his fifth film that has us really interested. It asks a very simple question ... Who are The Dead Ones?

Even More New Stills From The Wolfman

Man, you don't hear anything for a scarily long time, and then BOOM! Wolfman-a-mania! Not that we're complaining of course; in fact we couldn't be happier! To go along with yesterday's Wolfman stills and today's Wolfman trailer, we've gotten another batch of stills for you to howl over!

Patrol Men Gets an Official Trailer

One project we've had our eyes on for a while now is the "zero budget" UK indie film Patrol Men. We got the teaser trailer back in May, but things have been quiet ever since. Well, that silence was broken today as David Campion (co-director with Ben Simpson) sent us the news that the full trailer has officially launched!

Trailer and Synopsis for Indie Short Dirt Dauber

Here around the Dread Central offices we're always on the lookout for interesting short and/or indie projects so we were more than a little intrigued by the note in our inbox from Steve Daniels touting his Southern Lovecraftian film "Dirt Dauber". Check out the trailer he provided, and see if you agree with us that it seems to hold more than a little promise.

Wolfman Trailer Debuts Online!

As promised, the trailer for Universal's The Wolfman redux launched today, and we've got it for you in all its hairy goodness!

Twilight Dawning for Taintlight Parody

Am I the only one shocked that The Asylum is not getting in on the Twilight bandwagon with a mockbuster? It seems like a no-brainer; yet, here we sit, mockbuster-less. Someone has to pick up the Asylum's slack, and that's where Tempe Video's Splatter Rampage label and writer-director Chris Seaver come in with their horror parody Taintlight.

Preview of New Torchwood Comic Strip

Torchwood Magazine, the tie-in publication for the popular "Dr. Who" spin-off series, has announced that award-winning British comic book creator Nick Abadzis will be penning the series’ comic strip in its latest edition. Nick (Laika, Hugo Tate) will team up with artist and fellow Brit Paul Grist (Kane, Jack Staff) to deliver Part 3 of Broken, a story that finds the "Torchwood" crew trapped in a haunted hotel.

Angry Bear Spirits Stalk Finland in Carcass

We don't often hear much news around these parts about horror movies from Finland, but then we don't usually get movies based on Finnish mythology about pissed-off killer bear spirits. Such a movie, Carcass, is in pre-production in Finland.

John Carter of the Asylum

The following story is not exactly horror related, but it is kind of funny. Unless you're a huge fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs' "John Carter of Mars" series, in which case this story might horrify you. Those of you who fall into that category have long been waiting for John Carter to finally become a motion picture, and many of you are equally awaiting the big budget blockbuster coming in 2012. But first The Asylum has a mockbuster three years ahead of schedule.

Lionsgate's Post Halloween DVD Horrors

With the titles of the Ghosthouse Underground label filling up the majority of their October horror DVD slate, November brings us Lionsgate's sloppy seconds. I mean, a horror movie getting dumped onto DVD a week or two after Halloween strikes me as an afterthought on the distributor's part. Lionsgate has three such chillers getting the post-Halloween DVD mistreatment.

America's Bad Kids: Eatin' Lobster with The Lobster Boy

One of our favorite new web shows is back with another round of madness that's sure to either tickle your funny bone, make you question your morals, or simply wonder -- "What the hell am I watching?"

El Superbeasto's Red-Band Trailer

Along with Halloween II, Rob Zombie has another little movie coming out soon entitled The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, and to prove he hasn't forgotten about it, he and Anchor Bay have released a red-band trailer that shows off a bit more of his leading ladies' attitude ... and attributes.

Wolfman Trailer Tomorrow / Wolfman Stills Today

Universal Pictures announced today that the worldwide debut of The Wolfman trailer will take place online tomorrow, Thursday, August 20th, 2009! Tune in to Yahoo! Movies and AccessHollywood.com tomorrow, and be the first to check out the highly anticipated trailer debut!