More Paranormal Activity Sequel Talk

Wanna talk scary? Never mind being haunted by a demonic force that will corner you wherever you are. We're talking real horror that could come in the form of a completely unnecessary sequel.

Milla Jovovich Tweeting from Resident Evil: Afterlife Set

Man, how times have changed. Twitter has changed just about every single part of the game. It used to be that we had to wait a month for a magazine to come out to get the scoop on what's going on with our favorite flicks. Now we can get instantaneous updates as they happen.

New One-Sheet: Tell-Tale

The IMP Awards got themselves the first look at the official one-sheet for Tribeca selection Tell-Tale (review here), and we have it here for your perusal!

Carriers Carried to DVD this December

Paramount's Carriers is coming to rental DVD on December 8th, 2009, from Paramount Home Entertainment with a full DVD release expected in four to six weeks afterwards.

Video Interviews: The Box

We're just a few short days away from opening Richard Kelly's latest thriller, The Box, and to get us into the spirit of things, we've got four video interviews for you!

Fox21 Set to Engage in Gunplay

Surprise! Another graphic novel (which is a fancy term Hollywood uses when they want to fool audiences into thinking the subject matter of their next movie was not based upon a comic book) is coming to the screen, but this time it's the small one!

DON'T Follow the YellowBrickRoad

Never mind monster movies. You know what scared me as a kid? The Wizard of Oz! All those weird flying monkeys and munchkins! I still wake up in cold sweats because of The Lollypop Guild! Sorry, I know the new thriller YellowBrickRoad has nothing to do with Oz. But damn it, I needed to vent!

Joe Lynch's Body Count Piles the Horror High

Joe Lynch returns with another edition of his horror branded segment on G4's "Attack of the Show", and even though Halloween is over, he's still got plenty of tricks and treats left in his bag!

Exclusive: Robert Englund - Checking into Fear Clinic Part II

For someone like Robert Englund, whose character of Freddy Krueger became legendary in the pop culture lexicon, you'd think he'd relish the opportunity to step out from behind the mask (or make-up) in the FEARnet web series "Fear Clinic."

Kat Von D Talks The Bleeding at the Film's LA Premiere

This scribe hit the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of Crush Film’s The Bleeding last night at Sunset 5 in Hollywood, CA, and chatted with the film’s co-star and tattoo artist extraordinaire Kat Von D of the reality series "LA Ink". Von D talked up her role as the sexy vampire Vanya in what is her feature film debut, which was directed by Charles Picerni, as well as riffed on the effects required of her.

When Drive-Ins Attack: Stranger in Town

Ready for an online comic straight out of the grindhouse? Then your wait is over! Rich Stahnke's When Drive-Ins Attack is Dread Central's online horror anthology series that combines the mayhem and gore of drive-in movies of yesteryear and serves it up for you right on your PC. The feature will be running right here every Tuesday! Let the madness begin!

Let Me In Starts Shooting / Casting Update

Matt Reeves' remake of the acclaimed film Let the Right One In, now titled after the book that film was based upon, Let Me In, has begun shooting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The news broke today along with a quick casting update! Dig it!

Read Stephen King's Short Story Premium Harmony

It's a good day for Stephen King fans. Along with our previous story in which the prolific scribe reads an except from his upcoming novel Under the Dome, his latest short story, "Premium Harmony", has appeared online in full for your reading pleasure.

Kristina Klebe Mash-Up Yields Zone of the Dead Footage

Here at Dread Central we love us some Kristina Klebe. Arguably she was one of the best parts of Rob Zombie's Halloween, and now that she's fighting zombies in Zone of the Dead, we couldn't be happier -- if not strangely aroused by the sight of her with a shotgun. *Ahem* ... Speaking of which, a music video mash-up featuring Kristina just popped up online, and in it you'll find some cool footage of her taking care of zombie business among other things!

Exclusive: The Fields Set Visit Report

Driving down a winding road in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, the car rounds a turn, climbing higher into the mountains. Perched on the side of a steep hill is an old farmhouse with peeling gray paint and gaping windows, surrounded by fields of dry and rustling corn. The front lawn slopes dangerously down and then sprawls out into an honest-to-god pumpkin patch. This is where the cast and crew for upcoming indie thriller The Fields are shooting today.