Exclusive: The Fields Set Visit Report

Driving down a winding road in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, the car rounds a turn, climbing higher into the mountains. Perched on the side of a steep hill is an old farmhouse with peeling gray paint and gaping windows, surrounded by fields of dry and rustling corn. The front lawn slopes dangerously down and then sprawls out into an honest-to-god pumpkin patch. This is where the cast and crew for upcoming indie thriller The Fields are shooting today.

Teaser Trailer - The Eternal

With all these teasers and posters floating around today, it was only a matter of time before a vampire themed flick bared its fangs for our perusal.

Exclusive Premiere: Flyleaf Memento Mori Webisode

We've all heard the Latin term Memento Mori and have a good idea of what it means. But what about its literal translation, "Remember you will die"? What does that have to do with the band Flyleaf and their reasons for selecting the phrase as the title of their new album? To help clarify things, we've got an exclusive look at one of the webisodes the group has put together for their upcoming sophomore effort, Memento Mori.

Editorial: Paranormal Activity Shadows The Blair Witch

When filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez wrote and directed The Blair Witch Project, which debuted in theaters ten years ago this past summer, they ushered in a sub-genre of filmmaking that was part reliant on the power of suggestion, part pre-reality TV, and part old-fashioned exploitation fright film.

Sales Art and Synopsis: Secret Sunday

Some new sales art and a synopsis are on tap for Saranyoo Jiralak's new Thai horror film, Secret Sunday (also known as Number 9), which is being shopped at this year's AFM; and we've got them both here for you, all sticky like.

Trailer and Sales Art: The Reeds

Remember when it was just sharks or piranha we had to worry about when getting into the water (sorry, that isolated crocodile hunter stingray attack doesn't count)? Now there's a whole new breed of watery terrors waiting for us in the new UK chiller from Nick Cohen The Reeds -- ghosts!

Temp Trailer and Sales Art for Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

While we don't typically like comedy slapped together with our horror around these parts, we'd be lying if we said that the new horror/comedy flick Tucker and Dale vs. Evil looked anything less than badass.

Trailer and Sales Art for New Spooker The Invited

While Universal's banking on Ouija boards to be the perfect fodder for a ghost film, there's another flick that's totally beating them to the punch -- the new Lou Diamond Phillips (yes, he's still making movies) vehicle, The Invited.

Trailer: The Darkening Sky

We first told you about Rider Strong (Cabin Fever)'s new flick The Darkening Sky way back in August, and now, just in time for AFM, the flick has gotten itself a brand spankin' new trailer.

DVD Releases: Nov. 3, 2009: See the Beast Within your Dark Mirror

It's a Foy-a-palooza this week with several releases that have his name all over them like Beast Within, Mutants (not the French film of the same name), Night Watcher, and Sand Serpents. Mixed in with those are the more promising sounding Dark Mirror and a four-pack of Hitchcock classics that includes Suspicion, Strangers on a Train, The Wrong Man, and I Confess.

Cold Spots: The Legend of The Leatherman

Watertown, Connecticut - Every 34 days he appears, a shambling form that moves from the Connecticut River to the Hudson with grunts instead of words his only form of communication. To those unaccustomed, he can be a frightening sight, some sort of wild man descending from the mountainous terrain. But even to those he's visited before, his presence is somewhat disquieting. It isn't his appearance or his animal growls. Rather, it's the fact that he died more than one hundred twenty years ago.

Check out Eduardo Rodriguez's Entire Online Series Blood Cell

The format of new media is always evolving, and one thing that's white-hot right now is exclusive short-form online series. Though there are dozens out there, Eduardo Rodriguez's "Blood Cell" has really caught our eye. Now it can grab yours, too, as we have all eighteen episodes right here for you to dig on!

Synopsis: Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

Besides MattFini, we're really not too sure who else is excited about the ninth entry into the Puppet Master franchise entitled Puppet Master: Axis of Evil. It's filming in China and possibly shooting in 3D, but not much else is known about the flick other than it stars newcomer Levi Fiehler, August White wrote the screenplay, and Dave DeCoteau is in the director's seat. That is until now.

Visit a Dark House Online

Darin Scott's highly acclaimed indie feature Dark House starring Jeffrey Combs has opened up its doors online in the form of a spooky new website that's chock full of stills, videos, and other goodies.

Stephen King Reads from Under the Dome

Stephen King's next massive new book, Under the Dome, hits bookshelves on November 10th, and publisher Scribner posted a preview on YouTube teasing some of the spooky to be found in this epic new tale. How epic, you ask? 1,088 pages epic. Hope you're ready to read!