New Saw VI Poster Celebrates the Old

A couple of weeks back a new motion poster for Lionsgate's upcoming sequel Saw VI debuted. Now we get the same cool effect minus the motion. Make sense? Oh, just look at the damned thing!

Exclusive: John Landis and Simon Pegg To Bring Us Burke and Hare

Some news coming out of this year's Monster-Mania Convention! Heather Buckley called in with a news scoop that's pretty damned tasty. John Landis spoke to Dread about his latest project. One that's filled with all manner of murder and mayhem!

Live Evil Scores Premiere in Las Vegas

We reported earlier that Jay Woelfel's Live Evil had won an theatrical release of 300 screens starting September 18th, as well as a DVD release in mid-November. There's been an update to this story, in that we recently learned that the film is also getting a premiere at the Sci-Fi Center in Las Vegas.

Could There Be a Fifth Twilight Film Coming?

During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, actor BooBoo Stewart spilled the beans that Twilight Saga fans can look forward to not just Eclipse and (the as yet unconfirmed by Summit Entertainment) Breaking Dawn but also a fifth entry in the series!

New Supernatural Season 5 Promo and Images

Another new promo and some images sneaked online today for the continuing adventures of the Winchester boys and their upcoming tango with Lucifer. Dare you dig it?

The Repo Army Enters Phase 2 with a Little Glass Vial

Unless you've been living under a rock, the odds are pretty good that you've either heard of, watched, sang along with, or taken part in a shadowcast for Repo! The Genetic Opera (review here). The little movie that Lionsgate had absolutely no faith in has taken on a life of its own and has quickly become a bit of an enigma.

Shutter Island Opens Doors Later

Delays, delays, delays. We all hate them, but sometimes they're very necessary. Yet, other times they're just plain weird. Paramount has bumped Martin Scorsese's new film Shutter Island until 2010, leaving their fall slate empty with the exception of Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones.

It's a Blood Moon Rising for Ron Jeremy

Yep, and we're not talking about Jeremy's chafed bare ass either! Producer/director Brian Skiba dropped us a line today with the official poster art and a nifty synopsis for his latest film, Blood Moon Rising starring Ron Jeremy and Laurie Love. Synopsis

New Gamer Trailer Wants You to Play to Live

As a gamer, the new trailer for Lionsgate's Gamer, starring Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall, makes me wish such technology would be possible. Can you imagine actually controlling another person to do whatever you want? Of course I'd just keep my dude going to In-N-Out Burger for me, but still!

Sneak Peek at True Blood Episode 22

Say it isn't so -- There are only three more episodes of "True Blood" left. This week's installment, entitled New World in My View, looks to amp things up a notch in anticipation of the season's conclusion on September 13th. And to get you amped up for it, HBO has provided a sneak peek.

Grace DVD and Blu-ray Details

Everyone's favorite baby with unusual eating habits is coming home on September 15th, and we've got the word on what you can expect from this little bundle of terror!

Huge Halloween II Auction Next Week

We're just a week out of seeing what Rob Zombie can do with his sequel Halloween II on August 28th, and to celebrate the film's release Premiere Props is holding an auction of some of the film's more exciting collectibles!

Harry Warden at Halloween Horror Nights!

Given the maze-like nature of the film's centerpiece, this really makes sense! My Bloody Valentine's killer Harry Warden is the next fun-loving psycho to stalk the grounds at this year's Halloween Horror Nights!

New Still of Alice from The Twilight Saga: New Moon

While it may seem like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner garner the lion's share of attention with regard to The Twilight Saga, there are plenty of other parties involved in the project with their own fanbases. For those who can't get enough of Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen, we have a new picture of her at Forks High from New Moon.

Karl Urban Dons a Black Hat for Priest

Well before he hit the big time as Eomer in LOTR: The Two Towers and LOTR: Return of the King, Karl Urban caught our eye in a little Kiwi flick called The Irrefutable Truth About Demons. And now it looks like he'll be returning to his horror roots in Screen Gems' Priest as he was cast to play the film's big bad known as Black Hat.