Ezra Buzzington Wraps Shooting on Darkening Sky

Ezra Buzzington (look for him Friday in Halloween II) dropped Dread Central a line to give us a heads up about a new flick he recently wrapped called Darkening Sky, and while the actor remained tight-lipped on the overall story, he gave us the a taste of what could be a killer flick.

Timeless Script Review

A while back we gave you the skinny on Michael Bartlett's upcoming time travel thriller, Timeless, along with the exclusive one sheet. We haven't heard much about the film since then, but today there's a script review available online for your reading pleasure.

Blood - The Last Vampire DVD Art

A real quick update for you guys concerning Blood - The Last Vampire and its DVD/BD release. We already told you about the street date and special features (story here), but today you can glimpse the fairly predictable cover art.

First Look at Thomas Jane's Dark Country DVD Art

Thomas Jane continues to be a cool and naturally likeable screen presences and yet, for some reason, he hovers on the fringes of mainstream acceptance. His directorial debut, Dark Country was shot in 3D for theaters but, sadly, the only place we'll be checking this out is within the solitude of our living rooms.

Evil in the Time of Billy Zane - KAKO II Gets a Release Date

A few years back, we told you about the Greek horror film, To Kako (story here) and if you liked it you can start looking forward to the sequel which is slated to open later this year. Read on for a look at the trailer and the release date.

San Antonio Horrific Film Fest 2

San Antonio, Texas, is getting down with the bloody goodness this weekend, August 27-30, with their second annual Horrific Film Fest. For three days, horror fans, and fans of movies in general, can show up to meet horror icons, watch independent and high-budget horror flicks, and basically have a bloody good time.

Exclusive: Blair Witch 10th Anniversary Q&A

On August 20th Hollywood's historic Egyptian Theatre hosted a 10th anniversary screening of The Blair Witch Project followed by a Q&A with several members of the film's cast and crew. Of course Dread Central was there, camera in-hand, to record the auspicious occasion.

Halloween II Lights Fuse

Looking for some tasty Halloween II programming to get you geared up for this Friday's release of Rob Zombie's Halloween II? The cable channel Fuse has your hot ticket for horror this week!

True Blood's Stephen Moyer Joins Priest

"True Blood" fans are going to get their chance to see one of their favorite small screen vamps in theatres as Bill Compton himself has joined the cast of Priest.

BioShock Gets a New Director. Little Sisters Rejoice!

While it would have kicked a copious amount of ass to have Gore Verbinski at the helm of the live action adaptation of the Take Two video game BioShock, it just wasn't in the cards. That's okay, though, because Universal's next choice is a winner and a half.

Fred Dekker Talks Monster Squad / Night of the Creeps Sequels

Nomad called in recently from Monster-Mania with an update from Fred Dekker on his recent projects. He is currently working on a script for Cliffhanger 2 and absolutely has a horror project in the work as well. He just can't divulge anything during its birthing process. But wait! There's more ...

Visit Zombieland a Week Earlier

One movie that thankfully has been bumped up in a sea of recent postponements is the undead-laden post-apocalyptic comedy Zombieland. That's right, kids! Columbia Pictures has moved up the release of Zombieland to October 2nd, one week earlier than original slated. Rejoice, deadheads!

Halloween II: A Last Look at Pre-Hobo Myers

We're just one short week away from the release of one of he most anticipated sequels of the year, Rob Zombie's Halloween II, and Rob has given us one last look at the man himself before he went all homeless and such.

New Saw VI Poster Celebrates the Old

A couple of weeks back a new motion poster for Lionsgate's upcoming sequel Saw VI debuted. Now we get the same cool effect minus the motion. Make sense? Oh, just look at the damned thing!

Exclusive: John Landis and Simon Pegg To Bring Us Burke and Hare

Some news coming out of this year's Monster-Mania Convention! Heather Buckley called in with a news scoop that's pretty damned tasty. John Landis spoke to Dread about his latest project. One that's filled with all manner of murder and mayhem!