Jaime King Busts Her Ass and Blogs from the Set of Mother's Day

Darren Bousman knows all about torturing folks. I mean, come on, after three Saw sequels how could you not become adept at it? His latest casualty? The sultry Jaime King who recently starting blogging about her on-set experiences while making Mother's Day.

Exclusive Stills: After Dark's The Graves

After weeks of teaser posters and finally the good news that After Dark Films picked up Brian Pulido's The Graves as part of their next "8 Films to Die For" lineup, we finally have gotten our hands on some exclusive stills from the flick for you.

Uplifting Poster for The Fourth Kind

Milla Jovovich's latest vehicle, The Fourth Kind, is quickly approaching, and now that we've had a trailer and stills, the film's one-sheet is ready to take center stage.

Finalists Announced by Shriekfest 2009

It's time to see if your shorts and features made the cut - Shriekfest 2009, which runs October 1st-4th, 2009, has released the titles of those films that have made its 2009 Finalists list.

Zombie Walk in Lakewood, Ohio on September 19th

Have an urge to walk with the dead? The fourth Old School Sinema Cleveland Charity Zombie Walk (or, OSSCCZW, if you want something easier to say), is set to take place Saturday, September 19th, in Lakewood, Ohio. The event is being sponsored by the upcoming and very awesome looking Zombieland, and participants will have an opportunity to win tickets to an advance screening.

Halo-8 Reveals Godkiller DVD Art and Specs

The other day we reported that the release date for Matt Pizzolo's Godkiller "illustrated film" was being pushed back a week to October 6th due to the quantity of retail orders Halo-8 had received for the DVD. We should all have such problems, right? In any event, to help fuel our anticipation, the company has debuted the box art and special features that await us on October 6th.

New Saw: The Video Game Screens Bring the Pain

It's no secret that nine times out of ten video games based on movie licenses end up sucking, but man, that one percent of folks who get things right really knock it out of the park. Since the whole premise of the Saw franchise is based upon playing grisly games, it's a safe bet that Saw: The Video Game stands a better than average chance of landing safely within that elusive one percentile.

First Look at Gabriel Cowan's Growth

Don't worry! Luckily it's nothing we are going to have to lance ourselves! Instead we speak of the sci-fi thriller that is looking to send more than a few gross-out induced shivers up and down your spine.

TIFF '09: Midnight Madness Day Seven

The Toronto International Film Festival '09 is in full swing, and you'll be happy to know that Dread Central has partnered with the fine folks over at The Substream to bring you daily video coverage of the event that will feature news, interviews, and maybe even a couple of reviews here and there.

Watch the Grace Short Film Right Now with Commentary

One of the only complaints we had with the latest DVD and Blu-ray release of Grace (review here) was that the original six-minute short film that started it all was nowhere to be found in either package (unless of course you went and got the Best Buy exclusive). Talk about a glaring omission. Thankfully the horror community is small yet strong, and we know how to right some wrongs!

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy Teaser Trailer Debut

It was only a couple of days ago that we made the announcement the ultimate Elm Street documentary, Never Sleep Again, would soon be unleashed upon Freddy fans everywhere. Now, just days later we have a fully cut trailer for you all to ... um ... sink your claws into.

House of the Wolf Man Premiere Tix Now On Sale

Never mind all the big budget remakes that are supposed to wow you from their opening seconds. Screw all the lame ass CGI effects that most of the time add nothing to our horror genre other than making it seem a bit more cartoonish. If you're in the market for something old school and completely badass, you need to be digging on Eben McGarr's latest feature House of the Wolf Man. We've been telling you about it for months, but now some lucky folks in LA will finally get to see it!

Cary Elwes and Sharon Leal Sign up for a Little Murder

Two more stars will be joining the already announced Josh Lucas, Terrence Howard, and Lake Bell in Peter "Gaga" Antonijevic's upcoming thriller Little Murder. What? Don't be that way; we already know you're excited.

Terror Tweets: Mother's Day Cameos and Resident Evil: Afterlife

A couple more stories for you today came crawling out of the land of Twitter, or, as it is also known, the Twitterverse, concerning casting on two upcoming flicks we're all pretty excited about: Resident Evil: Afterlife and Darren Bousman's Mother's Day.

Moon Phases Dictating Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse Premieres?

Coincidence? Brilliant marketing campaign? Or just downright spooky? All across the Net today light bulbs have been going off above people's heads as they realized that on November 16th, 2009, the date for the official premiere of Summit's first Twilight Saga sequel, New Moon, there will be a legitimate "new moon". And that's just the half of it!