Para-Knockers Activity Prepares to Go Hump in the Night

Fitting that this film be announced during Breast Cancer Awareness Month because if there is one man who is keenly aware of breasts, it would be Jim Wynorski. Having given us such horror-inspired softcore sex spoofs as The Witches of Breastwick, The Bare Wench Project, The Breastford Wives, and Cleavagefield, Wynorski is now setting his sights on a current horror hit with Para-Knockers Activity.

Director's Cut of Rob Zombie's Halloween II Ready to Go

Allow me to bust out the old adage “you can’t polish a turd”. Or can you? You could add six hours of footage to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, and it would still be 2009’s most unwatchable movie, but hey, that's just my opinion. And yes, I say this as a man who endured the Syfy remake of Children of the Corn this weekend.

David O’Reilly Gets Possessed

One of the many cool things about Paranormal Activity's success is that the supernatural subgenre is roaring back in a big way. I’m sure every major studio in Hollywood is looking through their scripts to find comparable material. Overseas the doors are opening as well with one such flick, The Possession of David O'Reilly, well under way!

Check Out the First Two Episodes of Dexter: Early Cuts Now

We told you about Dexter: Early Cuts, which is a twelve-part animated series told in four, one to two-minute installments, just a couple of weeks back; and now you can dig on the first two parts of Installment One right now!

Scream Awards 09 -- More Video Highlights

The Dread Central crew were in attendance at the recent Spike TV Scream Awards reporting on the events as they happened, and to get you geared up for watching the show tomorrow night, October 27th, Spike has released a few more highlights!

Deadgirl Writer Now Set to Show Us How to Chop

Trent Haaga, writer of recent cult film success Deadgirl, just announced his directorial debut with the independent thriller Chop. Chop, a revenge thriller with a comedic edge in the tradition of Fargo and Oldboy, centers on a seemingly innocent young couple forced by a psychotic stranger to confront their duplicitous past.

Dafoe Takes Aim in New Daybreakers Images

Finally a vampire film with teeth is getting some play instead of the bushy-eyebrowed tweener properties that have been getting all the love. A couple of new stills from Lionsgate's latest vampire opus Daybreakers have made their way online, and we have the goods for ya!

Vertigo Readying New Comic Series American Vampire

Now here's something we just don't have enough of: Vampires! I know ... truth be told, we're all about to o.d. on bloodsucker tales, but here's one that you should keep an eye out for: Vertigo Comics' American Vampire from writers Scott Snyder and Stephen King and artist Rafael Albuquerque.

DVD Releases: Oct. 27, 2009: I Can See You and your Evil Face in the Sauna with an Orphan

October 27th is shaping up to be one of the best Tuesdays of the year for DVD and Blu-ray aficionados what with the release of Night of the Creeps, Orphan, Fear(s) of the Dark, and The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (aka Let Sleeping Corpses Lie). Throw in over-the-top cult favorite in the making Black Devil Doll, and your shopping cart is already pretty full.

Terror Tweets: Scream 4 Update, Pyun Posts Tales Rough Cuts, Eclipse Nearly Wrapped

Updates on three different projects have come in over the weekend via Twitter, and rather than do separate stories on each, we've got them all right here ... down & dirty, quick & easy ... just how we know you like it!

UPDATED: Weekend Box Office: Saw VI Falls Victim to Paranormal Activity; Paramount Hints at PA2

While it's true that in most cases people root for the underdog, it's still a bit hard to believe how dramatically Paranormal Activity toppled reigning October box office champ Saw's sixth installment. But numbers don't lie, and although Saw VI is considered by many (including yours truly) to be the best entry in the series in quite some time, it still wasn't enough to stop the little juggernaut that could, Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity.

Twilight Saga: New Moon - TV Spot #2 and a Clip Called Celebrate

What with various clips and promos scattered among iTunes, Fandango, Yahoo, and the TV gossip shows, the powers-that-be who dole out the goods for Summit Entertainment's The Twilight Saga: New Moon have been working overtime this past week. To close things out with a bang, they've released a second TV commercial and a brief clip of Bella and Edward discussing her birthday.

Spooky Dan Checks into the Fear Clinic

Spooky Dan TV is back with another installment, this time delving into the five-webisode series "Fear Clinic", which is directed by Robert Hall and will be airing on FEARnet starting this Monday, October 26th.

Romero's The Crazies Heading to Blu-ray

With The Crazies remake being released in theatres on February 26, 2010, we've been expecting news about a reissue of George A. Romero's original version of the film, and now we know that Blue Underground will be bringing it to Blu-ray on February 23rd.

Paranormal Activity Edges Out Saw VI in Friday Box Office Battle

Here at Dread Central we typically wait until Sunday, when the final estimates are in, to report on weekend box office numbers. But the results from Friday are just too sweet not to pass them on to you guys.