Exclusive: Leslie Vernon Spotted in Cyberspace

Back in 2006, an aspiring reporter took you Behind the Mask (review here) to introduce you to a psycho slasher named Leslie Vernon whose singular goal was to eclipse the pantheon of the great slashers to come before him.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Antichrist

When he sent over his take on Graphic Sexual Horror a few weeks ago, we thought Trembles had gone just about as NSFW as he could, but this week's take on Antichrist puts that effort to shame! Proceed at your own risk, and don't blame us if you feel a twinge or two down in your nether regions.

Mandy Lane Goes to Zombieland

We're over a month away from the release of the new horror/comedy Zombieland, but we've got the first clip for your viewing pleasure.

The Final Destination Audio Interviews

Warner Bros. just sent over four audio files for you guys to download and dig on while you're gearing up for this weekend's big horror showdown!

Danielle Harris Takes Us to Stake Land

Fresh off of her latest tango with the infamous Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween II, Dread Central fav Danielle Harris is top lining another new horror film with an entirely different type of boogeyman.

*Updated* More Clips from Halloween II to Leave you Speechless

A fourth clip from Rob Zombie's Halloween II just hit online today featuring a real family reunion of sorts between mother and both iterations of son.

International Jennifer's Body Poster and New Stills

More goodies for 20th Century Fox's latest horror opus Jennifer's Body have crawled their way online today including a brand new Spanish poster and four more stills featuring Megan Fox as the titular (how we love that word) character.

Jeremy Cross at the Hyaena Gallery

From August 16th through August 31st, LA-area horror fiends can stop by the Hyaena Gallery (1928 W. Olive, Burbank) and check out some of the amazing work done by artist Jeremy Cross.

Taurus to Strike Again -- Day of the Dead: Epidemic

Words escape me. Wait. No they don't. After the cinematic abortion known as Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (review here), I thought, nay, I prayed that the hacks over at Taurus "Entertainment"(!), James Glenn Dudelson, Ana Clavell and company, would have the common decency to leave poor Day of the Dead alone.

Breath of Hate - Production Video Blog 4

Day four was known to all on set as "Strip Club Day." The cast and crew headed over to The Classy Lady for this particular day which meant there would be some half-naked girls on set. And while we can't show ya nudity (hey, we have standards we have to live by too sometimes!), we do have some good stuff in here including interviews with Ted Prior and some one-on-one time with Jason Mewes.

Be Part of the Invasion of the Not-Quite Dead

Guys. This looks REALLY cool!!! Seems like the Brits have taken matters into their own hands and are getting zombie fans involved in what looks like some serious fun in the English countryside. Are you ready for Antony Lane's Invasion of the Not-Quite Dead?

Second Book of Blood Clip Gushes to Life

A second clip from John Harrison's adaptation of Clive Barker's Book of Blood (review here) has slithered our way, and we're sharing it with you, well ... because we love you and you have a really wondrous singing voice. Really. You do.

Prepare for the Awesomeness of Chihuanhas

Today, August 26, 2009, is the day that I write about what will no doubt be the pinnacle of 21st century nature gone amok filmmaking. Here I thought the flying piranhas of James Cameron's Piranha 2: The Spawning were the zenith of what could be done with piranha hybrids. I was wrong. For what creature is more vicious than a piranha? A Chihuahua, obviously. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Chihuanhas are coming!

Exclusive: Halloween II: Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Speak

Just a couple of short days ago Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie showed up at Planet Hollywood in New York City to donate one of Michael's favorite killing implements -- a screen used giant ass butcher's knife.

International Zombieland Trailer Rears Its Head

And the Zombieland goodies keep right on coming as the new International trailer for the flick has just seen the light of dawn. Oh, happy day!