New Maidenhead Trailer Serenades Us

It's been about a year since we last brought you guys up-to-speed on Jim Spanos' vampire tale Maidenhead. Thankfully there's a lot more to talk about now, including the synopsis and even a new trailer!

Teaser Trailer: Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

Full Moon fans, rejoice! The teaser trailer you've been waiting for is here! Get ready for your first look at the ninth entry into the Puppet Master franchise entitled Puppet Master: Axis of Evil. The film stars newcomer Levi Fiehler, August White wrote the screenplay, and Dave DeCoteau is in the director's seat. Synopsis

Personalize Jennifer's Body with FoxPop

Along with its star Megan Fox and its distributor 20th Century Fox, Jennifer's Body can add another "fox" to its stable: something called FoxPop, which enables viewers of select DVDs and Blu-rays to use their iPhone or computer to create a personalized, social, and interactive entertainment experience.

Dante's Inferno Demo Coming in December

Visceral Games has announced that a demo for Dante’s Inferno, entitled the "Gates of Hell", will be coming this December and will include the entire opening level to give gamers a taste of the studio's adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem The Divine Comedy.

Horror Coming Home: Zombie's Halloween II and Dead Snow

Information on when you can get your hands on two kind of underwhelming flicks that should have been a lot better dropped today. Zombie's psychobilly freak-out Halloween II and Tommy Wirkola's all too quirky zombie opus Dead Snow are both on their way!

Oldboy Remake Not Proceeding After All

Last we heard about the proposed Oldboy redux that was in the capable, but rather incongruous, hands of Steven Spielberg and Will Smith, it was moving forward despite some wrangling over various rights issues. Now, however, it seems to be a dead deal with DreamWorks deciding to walk away from the project completely.

Two New Peeks at Next Week's Dexter

Things sure are heating up between Dexter and the Trinity Killer. The situation seems to be reaching a boiling point and we've got a quick look at what you can expect next week.

Spend the Apocalypse in the Devil's Playground

And the prospect of the End of Days just keeps getting brighter and brighter! Another post-apocalyptic film is on the way courtesy of Black and Blue Films. But this one will be sporting some good old fashioned zombie carnage laced in with the myriad of burned out buildings.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Where the Wild Things Are

Spike Jonze's adaptation of Maurice Sendak's beloved children's story Where the Wild Things Are has been met with mixed reactions. So of course our own Rick Trembles has to add his voice to the crowd.

When Drive-Ins Attack: Amazon Women and the Nazi Gold

Ready for an online comic straight out of the grindhouse? Then your wait is over! Rich Stahnke's When Drive-Ins Attack is Dread Central's online horror anthology series that combines the mayhem and gore of drive-in movies of yesteryear and serves it up for you right on your PC. The feature will be running right here every Tuesday! Let the madness begin!

Firefly Star Encounters Mothman on Syfy

No relation to the awful Mothman Prophecies movie (if you ever read the book, then you know why I just described the film as awful; and if you have never read the book, you should and then you, too, will realize why the film was so lame), Syfy has finally checked off enough other cryptids from its list to make a new film about the Mothman starring a "Firefly".

Fun with the Fang Force

Kids need their horror, too, and a new animated series being touted at the American Film Market that sounds a little like The Incredibles meets "The Munsters" might be just what the kiddies need. Is "Fang Force" poised to be this generation's "Drak Pack"?

Cecile de France Taking a Trip to the Hereafter

Haute Tension star Cecile de France is joining Matt Damon in Clint Eastwood's upcoming thriller Hereafter. De France, who is Belgian, will portray a French journalist who has a near-death experience.

ABC Not Ordering Additional Eastwick Episodes

Instead of flat-out just saying they're canceling the series "Eastwick", ABC is beating about the bush with reports that they've "decided not to order additional episodes" beyond its initial 13. Seven of them have aired with the remaining six scheduled to be shown after a two-week break for some special programming on the network.

Pat Seals of Flyleaf Shares His Top Ten Horror Films

As we've mentioned previously, November 10th is the release date of the band Flyleaf's new CD, entitled Memento Mori, and to help celebrate the occasion, their bass player, Pat Seals, has taken time out of his hectic schedule to prepare for Dread Central readers a list of his Top Ten favorite horror films.