Update on and Clips from Able

It's been a good year since we've heard anything from the team behind the indie apocalyptic thriller known as Able. But today we got an email from co-writers Will Stotler and Marc Robert (who also directed) with an update and a couple of new clips.

Cary Elwes Casting Shadows

One movie bound to make some noise at this year's AFM is John (Zyzzyx Rd) Penney's new supernatural thriller starring Cary Elwes, Shadows. In order to gear up for the event, Darclight Films has dropped a few images online!

MattFini's Halloween Top 10 Lists: Overlooked Slashers

It’s hard to surprise people when putting together a list of the best slasher movies and, in the interest of doing so, I thought I’d exclude all the genre mainstays from the list. This list doesn’t necessarily represent the “ten best”, but rather some of the slasher subgenre’s more ‘overlooked’ offerings.

Old-School Radio Horror! Dreadtime Stories Return for Halloween!

What is more frightening: the monster you can see, or the one you can't? Is it more frightening to see the beast, or to hear its breath as it rasps behind you, waiting to drag your soul to hell? Sit down in your favorite chair and hearken back to yesteryear.

Dread Central's Mr. Dark Appearing At Dallas Haunt

So what are you guys doing for Halloween? If you're in Dallas, I suggest you swing by the Granado Yard Haunt, where I'll be helping entertain the masses.

Bowling for Boobies: Dread Central’s Horror Starlets Wish to Thank You!

This scribe and my bowling team - Dread Central’s ‘The Horror Starlets’ comprised of Carlee (Wicked Lake, the upcoming Alluvial) Baker, Heather (The Poughkeepsie Tapes, Alluvial) Snell, Brooke (iMurders) Lewis, and Tracy (Dark Woods) Coogan - took part in Tuesday night’s fifth annual non-profit Bowling for Boobies Los Angeles breast cancer event, and we wish to thank those in the horror community who so generously donated to this wonderful cause (see the list below).

Uncle Bob Martin: Suffer the Little Children

Michael Weldon of "Psychotronic Magazine" praised this movie's awfulness to me almost 30 years ago, and I only caught up with it this week.

Dushku's Valediction Gets Locked In with a Trailer

And a name change has officially occurred for the latest Eliza Dushku movie. The film formerly known as Valediction has changed its title to The New Flick with the Tough Chick Who's Not the Best Actress in the World In It. Kidding; we love Eliza. The film is now known as Locked In, and it's gotten itself a brand-spanking new trailer to go along with the snazzy new moniker.

All Too Familiar Poster for The Blackout

We all love monster movies. Something about a cool-ass beast feasting upon the innocent or just plain unlucky really gets the blood pumping. Oh wait ... did I say Feast? Wait until you guys see this!

See Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni's Untraceable Spaces

Horror comes in many forms: films, novels, music, video games ... even art. Here at Dread Central we do our best to keep you informed about all of them, and for those of you in and around New York City, you have a chance to experience Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni's solo exhibition of acrylic paintings entitled Untraceable Spaces.

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction Confirmed as 5th Film to Die For

Just as we suspected upon first learning that ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction had been acquired by After Dark Films, it was confirmed today that the "political zombedy" is the fifth film scheduled for Horrorfest 4, After Dark's one-week nationwide film festival (aka 8 Films to Die For) that's running from January 29nd to February 4th in 2010.

District 9 Blu-ray to Include God of War III Demo

Just the other day we got ahold of the artwork and specs for the December 29th DVD and Blu-ray release of District 9 (see them here). But one item was missing from the story: The Blu-ray will include a playable demo of the PlayStation 3 game God of War III, which comes out in 2010.

Level 26 iPhone App and Digi-Novel Now a Reality

Anthony Zuiker's Level 26: Dark Origins (review here) debuted this past September and represented the first true integration of a novel with a companion web series. And now, with the release of the Level 26 iPhone app and desktop movie through iTunes, we have an actual marriage of text and video in one seamless experience.

Exclusive Stills: The Resident from Hammer Films

One flick that's high on the list of films Dread Central staffers are looking forward to is The Resident. Hammer Films, Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Christopher Lee all add up to some serious genre cred, and we're pleased to present two exclusive new stills from the project as well as an updated synopsis.

Some Beastly Halloween Treats

In honor of Halloween, CBS Films has provided us three new photos from Beastly that show how the stars get their Samhain on in the movie. As they explain it, "Tricks are for kids, but we're all about treats here!"