First Footage from The Crazies Remake

While we all wait eagerly for the February 26, 2010 release date of Breck Eisner's remake of the Romero classic The Crazies to arrive, MTV got themselves some exclusive footage from the set!

Big Trouble in Little China Goes Blu!

One of John Carpenter's most beloved cult hits, Big Trouble in Little China looks to be making it's way to Blu-ray soon and who wouldn't want to participate in a high-def ride on the Pork Chop Express?

All the Hobgoblins News Your Heart Can Stand!

Because you demanded it! And by you I mean someone you don't know. Look. Someone somewhere out there demanded it. Was it you? Because if we find out the rest of us are going to come to your house. Let he who demanded a Hobgoblins 2 and a 20th Anniversary special edition DVD of the original speak up now. I'm waiting.

Gory Not Forgotten Clip

A gruesome little clip from Anchor Bay's upcoming thriller Not Forgotten popped up on YouTube today that displays one of Simon Baker's little known talents -- he really knows how to make a point with a broken bottle.

First Impressions: The Hills Run Red

In case you're wondering why the news updates were so scarce here yesterday it was because we were in LA attending an industry screening for Dave Parker's The Hills Run Red. We do get to leave the office every now and again, ya know. It happens. I swear. Anyway -- wow, was this one worth the trip!

First Look at Brandon Routh as Dylan Dog

We've been talking about Dead of Night the big-screen adaptation of the Dylan Dog Italian comic book series for months now. Finally the first picture of Brandon Routh as the title character has surfaced online so get ready to feast your eyes!

Adam Gierasch Talks Direct-to-Video Flicks

We let you know a few weeks ago that director Adam Gierasch started his own blog called Creepy Mofos ... Creepy Movies recently and if you haven't been keeping up with it, you're really missing out. In this latest edition Adam addresses Direct-to-Video films and where they fit in.

Alex Holmes to Interprete Murder

Ah, murder. So many ways to die. So many ways to interprete death. Where to start? Well Variety tells us that Warner Bros has a pretty good idea for a jumping-off point as they've brought on Alex Holmes to rewrite and direct the feature film version of Jed Rubenfeld's novel The Interpretation of Murder.

Jeff Katz Launches American Original

The name Jeff Katz might not jump out at you from the get-go but I can assure you guys, you're more than acquainted with his work. Over the past few years Katz has been instrumental in shepherding along installments of several high profile franchises such as Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and most recently X-Men Origins: Wolverine for other studios. Now he's setting out to create his very own genre label.

Perfect Synopsis for The Perfect Getaway

Rogue Pictures dropped the official synopsis for David Twohy's latest thriller The Perfect Getaway starring Timothy Olyphant, Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn, on us today and as always we have a look for ya!

Katie Holmes is Afraid of the Dark

Variety reported tonight that Katie Holmes has signed on for the Miramax film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark which was penned by Guillermo Del Toro and Matthew Robbins.

Piranhas Eat Jerry O'Connell! World Celebrates!

I always get this frat boy poseur vibe from Jerry O'Connell that makes me hate him so much. Completely irrational hatred; yet the hate feels so real. O'Connell has now joined the cast of the Piranha 3D and that means there's a good chance he will be eaten alive, which also means I might pay to see the film 100 times.

Mandy Lane Once Again Vanquished to Oblivion

You know, I just knew it was too good to be true when Senator Distribution announced that All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (review here) would be hitting DVD shelves on July 17th.

Laid to Rest/Lightning Bug Double Feature This Saturday in LA!

LA-area horror fans, you are in for a kickass screening opportunity this weekend! Fangoria is hosting a double-feature presentation of the work of writer/director/ FX maestro Robert Hall. They’re hosting a screening of Hall’s first film Lightning Bug as well as his recent slasher hit Laid to Rest on Saturday, May 9th at the Fine Arts Theater on 8556 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

Tetsuo: The Iron Man Returns -- In English!

Japanese production company Kaiju Theater, along with its production and distribution partner Asmik Ace Entertainment, today announced the launch of a new film, tentatively called Tetsuo Project, directed by Japan’s sci-fi master Shinya Tsukamoto, to be delivered later this year. Asmik Ace will introduce the project to the industry in Cannes. 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Tetsuo franchise.