Never Sleep Again - Jason Has His Day!

Yet another day of shooting, another reunion, another killer showing up to slay, and another batch of behind-the-scenes stills from the making of what will be the definitive A Nightmare on Elm Street documentary ... Never Sleep Again!

The Trailer from Across the Hall

Here at the Dread Central offices you can hear any number of things reverberating across the halls. Mainly it's the Foywonder laughing maniacally about setting me on fire again during a heated match in Left 4 Dead, but today it's something completely different.

New Set Image: Scream of the Banshee

Cameras are now rolling on Steven C. Miller's Scream of the Banshee for After Dark Films, and over the weekend Miller released a pretty spooky new pic via his Twitter account.

Buffy Coming Back! Well .... Sort of!

Most fans, including myself, were left feeling shortchanged and screaming for more when "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" went off the air after seven seasons. It was even worse when "Angel" got yanked, but that's a whole other can of worms. Season Eight in comic form never really did it for a huge percentage of the fanbase, but it looks like Whedon and company may have found a solution.

New International Trailer for Clive Barker's Dread

A new international trailer debuted online today for Anthony DiBlasi's big screen adaptation of Clive Barker's Dread and we've got it right here for you brimming with darkness and suffering.

Suspense Thriller Cornered Enters Production

We recently received an update on the upcoming indie suspense thriller entitled Cornered, which is slated for completion in January, 2010. It was written by Hunter G. Williams and Kevin Duane Carson and is described as "a journey through 'the darkness of murder' and into the heart of a serial killer, who will not stop until all the players are killed."

Halloween II DVD and Blu-ray Update

Another bad sign for the Weinsteins. Usually distribution of all of Dimension Films' theatrical properties are handled by Genius Products, the Weinsteins' home video label. Yet, today the news came that Sony will be handling the DVD and Blu-ray release of Rob Zombie's Halloween II. Very interesting, no?

Scream 4: Courteney Cox Talks Gale Weathers

We're all excited to see where Kevin Williamson takes his characters in Scream 4 and beyond, and the actors are too. In a recent interview Courteney Cox expounded a bit on where she thinks her character and her husband David Arquette's character, Dewey, are all these years later.

DVD Releases: Nov. 17, 2009: Perform Rituals with Basement Jack in The Canyon

We have a little something for everyone this week: teenagers and newlyweds fighting for their survival, an alien-caused apocalypse, a revenge-starved botched abortion survivor, a Twilight spoof, and even a "dark" ballet.

MTV's Online Series: Savage County -- Trailer

Happy with the way that "My Super Psycho Sweet 16" turned out, MTV is ready to jump back into the horror pool with a film created by David Harris called "Savage County". Time for a quick look! Synopsis

RIP: Edward Woodward Has Passed Away

British actor Edward Woodward, best know among genre fans for his portrayal of Sergeant Howie in Robin Hardy's classic The Wicker Man, has passed away at age 79 in Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, Cornwall, England.

Cold Spots: Leavenworth Prison

Leavenworth, Kansas - Its guest list reads like a who's-who of infamy, full of swindlers, gangsters, murderers and monsters. The gargantuan structure is at once a beautiful piece of architecture and an imposing sentinel on the land. In fact, from the outside, it looks almost like one of the many halls of government in Washington, D.C. But the people who stay here aren't guests of their own free will. They don't make laws. In fact, they broke a few. And inside, where penance is paid and cells are overcrowded, there are a few inmates who have stayed longer than most.

Stephen Susco to Pen Hack/Slash

Finally, Hack/Slash has officially gotten itself a writer to go along with recently named director Fredrik Bond. Yes, folks, this means that we are just this much closer to seeing Cassie Hack's blood-soaked rampage come to the big screen! Saints be praised!

Patient X on the Attack

Do a bit of digging over at filmmaker Yam Laranas' blog and you can find lots of things. Namely stills and a teaser from his latest flick, Patient X, which he has just finished post-production on.

The Night SHE Stayed Home: Judith: A Halloween Tribute Film

Despite its low budget, a mostly no-name cast, and age, many fans out there still find John Carpenter's original masterpiece Halloween to be one of the best film's our genre has ever seen; and we completely agree. Filmmakers Josh Hasty and Kenny Caperton certainly feel the same way as they've made a prequel of sorts to that film and not Zombie's. Ever wonder what led up to Judith Myer's staying home that fateful evening? Get ready to experience one fan's rendition of that sliver of backstory.