Never Sleep Again Twitterfeed: Freddy Shows Up on Friday the 13th!

How fitting. Here we are, Jason's birthday, and who comes in to do his Never Sleep Again interview? None other than Freddy Krueger himself, the great Robert Englund!

Five New Clips from The Road

Five more clips hit online today to help you usher in the apocalypse in style. Are you ready to travel down The Road? Maybe these latest snippets can help you make up your mind.

A Friday Treat! Nic Cage Being a Really Bad Lieutenant

No. This has NOTHING to do with horror movies. We know that, and in this instance, we're fine with that. So, why are we doing a quick news story on Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans starring Nicolas Cage?

The Exorcist: The Mini-Series? Friedkin to Direct?

Well ... I suppose its better than a remake. During an interview in the latest issue of Cemetery Dance magazine with William Peter Blatty, the author dropped some interesting things on fans and readers.

A Final to Die For

Another one of After Dark's Eight Films to Die For made its presence known today. The news dropped over on the official Facebook Page for The Final, a revenge thriller laced with blood and balls.

Time Again to Help the People Choose Correctly

2009 is starting to wind down so of course that means it's time for all the various awards shows to begin rearing their heads. First up -- The People's Choice Awards, which (even discounting the predictable numerous mentions of Twilight) have a pretty healthy array of genre nominees.

Amityville: The Real Horror

Amityville, New York is a quiet community on a lake. Its name means "friendship," and its citizens try their best to live up to that name. In 1977, the town gained infamy from a haunted house story that claimed to be true, one that played on a real tragedy from three years before.

Exclusive Clip: Splatter - Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Roger Corman/Joe Dante/Corey Feldman collaboration known as Splatter is hitting Netflix -- appropriately enough -- today, Friday the 13th. Bring your hockey masks and a mop!

Rambo 5, Monsters 0

If you were amongst the people rendered giddy by the news a few weeks back that Sylvester Stallone was readying a fifth Rambo movie that would have him on a savage hunt in search of a genetically engineered predatory monster (story here), Stallone still intends to tackle that monster but no longer with the character of John Rambo.

The World is Over! 2012 Review is Now Live! Those Pesky Mayans!

Sometimes when you think about all the chaos in the world today, you can't help but feel that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be such a bad idea for nature to flip the switch on us and reboot our existence. Of course Platinum Dunes would then take this idea and make a grittier reboot in about a decade from now. We just can't win, I tell ya!

New Comic Anthology ZombieBomb! Getting Ready to Drop

Here at Dread Central we're always on the lookout for cool shit to let you guys know about. Luckily for you we've been alerted to a badass new zombie comic anthology series called ZombieBomb! which will be coming at us soon from the fine twisted folks over at Terminal Press.

Dreadtime Stories: The Dinner Party

Ever consider that person you're dating? Just what would they do without you? More importantly, what would they do if you left them? Some women say they can't live without their men. Others say they won't let their man live without them.

Temp Trailer for Altitude Flies the Unfriendly Skies

One project we've been pretty excited about around here since first learning of it is Altitude starring Jessica Lowndes. Monsters taking down a plane? Hell yes, we are there! Ready for a little temp trailer action?

Kevin Williamson to Open Your Bedroom Window

While sitting down with MTV for an interview, scribe Kevin Williamson offered an update on his long attachment to Curtis Hanson's 1987 thriller Bedroom Window.

Paranormal Activity Surpasses 100 Million at the Box Office

Talk about a milestone. Paranormal Activity (review here) has shattered any and all expectations at the box office, pulling in over 100 million dollars.