Never Sleep Again: After Decades ... Mark Patton Talks Elm Street 2

Today this scribe had the opportunity to visit the set of the upcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street documentary, Never Sleep Again, for one of their bigger days - actor Mark Patton who portrayed Jesse in the second franchise installment was on hand to talk about his very own Elm Street days.

Elfman's Wolfman Score Falls on Deaf Ears, New Composer on Board

And The Wolfman's long road to the big screen takes yet another unforeseen twist. This time it's a situation around the film's score that needs some extra TLC.

New Swedish Terrors: Mara Teaser Trailer

Them crazy Swedes. Ever since old MacReady uttered those words in John Carpenter's The Thing, we knew we'd be seeing more of them in the horror genre.

Resident Evil: Afterlife - Milla Hints at the Return of Jill Valentine

In between killing zombies, dispatching bad guys, and just generally whipping a cou\pious amount of ass, Milla Jovovich has been tweeting up a storm on the set of Resident Evil: Afterlife. Today she dropped a nice bit of teaser info.

Never Sleep Again - Maniacal Monday Twitterfeed

A big day of shooting on Never Sleep Again is under way, and Dread Central is continuing our coverage of the documentary's Twitter feed. Come on in to find out who else has been on the hot seat!

DVD Releases: Nov. 10, 2009: Hurt the Intruder When It's Near Dark

You know it's a slow DVD release week when two of the offerings are a couple of rather obscure films whose main selling points are that they star folks from The Twilight Saga. And speaking of Twilight, if you can look at the new cover art for the Near Dark Blu-ray without thinking of those sparkly vamps, then you're one of the lucky ones.

Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries: Webclips from this Week's Episodes

It's only Monday, but already our thoughts are turning to Thursday night, and The CW is happy to help us get ready for the latest installments of our guiltiest pleasures: Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.

Shoreline Entertainment Picks Up Three from Creep Creepersin

Shoreline Entertainment has recently signed three films by notorious low budget filmmaker Creep Creepersin, just in time for AFM.

First Look Taking Us to the Triangle

Finally some movement on the home video release of Chris (Severance, Creep) Smith's Triangle (review here)!

They Must Eat After Christmas

Twas several nights after Christmas, and all through the place creatures were stirring that will eat your face. Can't blame them, though - they must eat! In fact, They Must Eat is the name of a creature feature coming to DVD on December 29th. It's the horrifying tale of what happens when a bungling loser uses a pack of flesh-eating ghouls as his personal instruments of retribution.

First Photos of Yuzna's Amphibious Sea Scorpions

Brian Yuzna's latest, entitled Amphibious, might sound like the making of a Syfy original movie - giant prehistoric sea scorpions go on a rampage - but this new Indonesian-lensed creature feature from the Bride of Re-Animator/Return of the Living Dead 3 director coming in May 2010 is getting in on the 3D craze. We're now getting our first look at the giant prehistoric sea scorpions on the attack and not a moment too soon; for my money we don't get nearly enough killer crustacean flicks, let alone in 3D.

Aronofsky's Black Swan Cast Expands

Darren Aronofsky (pictured) is all set to mess with our heads again with his latest flick, Black Swan, and lots of casting news has hit the 'Net in anticipation of his fifth film.

Reincarnation or Remake? Fincher-Helmed Peter Proud Redux on the Way

Here's one we didn't see coming. The Reincarnation of Peter Proud isn't exactly what you would call an A-list movie getting the remake treatment; however, there's some big time A-list talent behind this retelling.

James Marsh to Record The Vatican Tapes

Looking to further expand upon the possession craze that has begun sweeping the horror community as of late, Lionsgate and Lakeshore Entertainment have partnered to get the ball rolling on the next bit of the devil made them do it mayhem.

Ecological Horrors Abound in The Drought

If demons, ghosts, werewolves, zombies, or vampires don't kill us all, rest assured we'll do a fine job of doing it ourselves. Yep, a post-apocalyptic world seems right around the corner, and wouldn't you know it -- despite the world being seventy percent water, The Drought will get us!