A Beastly Trailer Comes Our Way

No doubt hoping for the kind of blind faith that Twilight fans show at the box office, CBS Films has provided the trailer for its new Beauty and the Beast redux of sorts, Beastly.

DVD Releases: Nov. 24, 2009: Throw The Witches Hammer at The Fiend with a Silent Scream

A handful of this week's releases came out a day early -- on the 23rd instead of the 24th -- but even so, there aren't a lot of familiar names to choose from. The picks of the week are two Blu-rays: My Bloody Valentine (Special Edition) and The Monster Squad (20th Anniversary Edition). If you don't have the tech yet for those, then read on for what you might want to put on your shopping list.

Bill Lustig: Maniac Remake on the Way / Possibly Maniac Cop as Well

At a recent film festival over the weekend, genre favorite William Lustig dropped some really interesting news regarding two of his properties while accepting a well deserved lifetime achievement award. We warned you not to go out tonight!

The Howling: Reborn Official

A bit of official confirmation to start off your Thanksgiving week. We first told you of this flick during all that AFM madness, but today -- The Howling: Reborn (original story here) has been made official!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Mania - A Double Dose of Review Action

Screaming chicks! Long lines! A very wisely placed sale on Kleenex tissues! Millions of tormented men forced to go to the movies as a means to maintain their relationships! What could this all mean? A new Twilight film in theatres of course.

Scott Stewart's Priest Wraps Up Production

Thanks once again to the all-powerful Twitter, we've heard straight from the horse's mouth (in this case, director Scott Stewart's) that production on Screen Gems' adaptation of Min-Woo Hyung's Tokyo Pop comic Priest is a wrap!

Twilight Saga: New Moon's Opening Weekend Breaks Multiple Records

We knew it was going to open big, but The Twilight Saga: New Moon opened stronger than even its biggest fans had predicted. $140.7 Million domestically plus another $118.1 million from 25 territories across the globe, breaking records in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Dexter

As an early Thanksgiving treat, Showtime has updated its website with a series of behind-the-scenes interviews and footage from their hit TV show, "Dexter". Get ready to dig in!

True Blood Busts Coming from DC Direct

DC Unlimited, which has been bringing you those World of Warcraft figures and just about everything else in the DC comics universe through DC Direct, now takes aim at the top of the food chain on cable TV. Get ready for "True Blood" mini-busts in 2010!

Get Your Fear News With The Last Girl

Last Friday, November 13th, FEARnet launched its brand-new original topical horror news show Fear News With The Last Girl, which bring the top stories from the horror entertainment industry from a place you'd least expect them: inside a horror movie itself. Last week it was a slasher film, and Episode Two is set inside a ghost story.

Big Joe Egan Knocks Us into Deadtime

Know what interests us? When the "toughest white man on the planet" makes a horror movie. That's what interests us. And the makers of Deadtime are hoping it will interest you too ... if you know what's good for you!

Lost Boys 3 Update: Tanit Phoenix Joins the Cast

The synopsis for upcoming DTV sequel Lost Boys 3: The Thirst mentions Gwen Lieber, a wealthy vampire-romance novelist who hires Edgar Frog to rescue her son, and today we learned who would be playing said novelist: South African model and actress Tanit Phoenix.

Behind-the-Scenes Video: The Wolfman

Bringing the new version of Universal's The Wolfman to the big screen has been a long, arduous road. From people leaving the project to reshoots, re-scoring, and now re-editing of the film, it's getting hard to stay positive. But it just looks so badass!

Never Sleep Again Twitterfeed: Another Fun-Filled Friday

Another week of shooting on Never Sleep Again is winding down, and Dread Central is continuing our coverage of the documentary's Twitter feed. Come on in to find out who was on the hot seat this fun-filled Friday!

The Vatican Would Prefer Twilight Choose "Team Jesus"

Twilight fans, if you thought the critics have condemned New Moon in their reviews ... The Roman Catholic Church has a message for all of you rushing out to see the latest exploits of a droopy teenage girl trying to decide whether or not her existence is validated by a depressed sparkling vampire or an underwear model werewolf: You're going to Hell!