Cold Spots: The Allen House

Monticello, Arkansas - Behind a black iron gate sits a house that seems to be something out of a dream. White pillars, red domed roof, surrounded by trees, the home is an ideal setting for a fairy-tale existence, a happy home where nothing could ever go wrong. But within, not everything is as it seems. There is an unhappy air, a sadness that paces the floors, accompanied by the sounds of crying and faces peering back out of mirrors. She didn't die a violent death, nor was it much of a surprise to her when she died. She took her own life.

Exclusive Look at The Dead Ones - Week 2

Director Jeremy Kasten has some really interesting things going on with his latest project The Dead Ones. Though everyone surrounding the project is still being rather tight-lipped, some of the mystery will be unraveling right here each week.

New Vampire's Assistant Clip

A new clip from Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (review here) popped up online today showcasing a little vampire tussle. If we're lucky maybe someone will get their ear bitten off!

New Saw VI Teaser Has Jigsaw Amongst Us

Before you know it October 23rd will be here and Jigsaw will be back up to his old games again, or will it be Mandylor? Hell, could it even be Amanda? Doesn't anyone die in this series anymore?

Horror Sites Join Up for Halloween Horrors '09

Dread Central is pleased to once again join with several other genre book review sites for "Halloween Horrors '09", a collaborative effort to create a virtual guide to titles guaranteed to keep readers up at night. DC's contribution is our Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale review by Morgan Elektra.

Three Sneak Peeks at Supernatural Ep. 4: The End

Fans of the CW series Supernatural have been waiting for the inevitable "zombie" episode, and tonight's the night, my friends. Not only do we get zombies, we also get a look at a world in chaos in the year 2014.

Learn the Art of Writing Horror from Today's Best and Brightest

There seem to be lots of people out there who feel they just need a push to put pen to paper and get that great screenplay written. If you're one of them, then stop being a lazy ass and start writing, damn you! It's not going to happen all by itself, is it!? Also, there's this Screenwriting Expo you might be interested in.

More Pics From The Fields

You've got to admire the filmmaking team behind The Fields for one thing: casting Tara Reid in their movie and expecting us to take it seriously. Okay, low blow and a cheap shot at the low budget horror production, but I couldn't resist. Today they've uploaded some pics straight from production and we've got them for you!

The Walking Dead En Route to AMC - Here's How

There's probably no better person to tackle the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead than Frank Darabont. I've always been a fan of the guy, and two years after the release of his masterpiece, The Mist, I'm adamant that we've yet to get another genre film that good. By crafting a perfect balance of creature feature, human drama, and social commentary, Darabont proved himself a master of the elements required to make this sucker work.

Monsterpalooza Set to Invade Burbank Again Next April

One convention that we heard nothing but good things about earlier this year was Monsterpalooza (read our event report here) in Burbank, CA, which featured special effects artists from the horror industry along with their many works. So we are very happy to report that it will be returning to the Marriott Burbank Convention Center April 9-11, 2010.

Baltimore Gives Edgar Allan Poe a True Sendoff!

In what has to be one of the greatest genre stories in recent years, the horror genre’s most prolific writer, Edgar Allan Poe, will be given a royal ceremony beginning on October 7th with a public viewing of his body at the Poe house and continuing all the way to October 11th with a funeral procession and service.

A Comedown on Trespassers

I guess I go against the grain when I say that I prefer to like most of the characters in a slasher flick. I’ve never been of the mind that you should root for the killer (the kills can still be fun/surprising without watching a collection of degenerates), and I’ll be curious to see how the recently announced Comedown goes about itself. After all, a story about a psychopath targeting trespassers could certainly go either way...

Silent Hill Scribe Roger Avary Sentenced to a Year in Prison

Speaking as someone who’s lost a loved one at the hands of a drunk driver, this is a tough story to sympathize with. Academy Award winning writer/director Roger Avary has been sentenced to a year in prison after a drunk driving incident claimed the life of a friend and left others with serious injuries.

FANTASTIC FEST Winners Announced!

For those of you who weren't in Austin, TX from September 23-30, you missed out. Fantastic Fest lived up to its name and presented some of the newest, most anticipated, and best films of the year. From the comfort and coolness of the Alamo Drafthouse (which serves AWESOME food during movies) to the palatial Paramount Theater, Austin showed that it knows how to treat fans of genre films.

IFC Listens for the Deathbell - Trailer and Poster

Another horror film is coming our way courtesy of IFC Festival Direct VOD Service, a new South Korean flick from director and co-writer Yoon Hong-Seung called Deathbell. Hope these students are ready for their pop-quiz as Hong-Seung puts a group of innocent high schoolers to the question in the exam of their lives and takes great bloody joy in punishing wrong answers!