Casting Update and More Plot Details on MTV's Teen Wolf Series

Four cast members and a more detailed plot synopsis have been released tonight for MTV's reinvisioning of the 1985 Michael J. Fox flick Teen Wolf as a new series for the network.

Trickster Moon Announces Its First Short Film Production: Blood & Dust

Here at Dread Central we have a pretty large talent pool to draw from, and we're always pleased and proud to report on the creative efforts of the members of our staff. Along those lines, our Literary Editor, Morgan Elektra, and her husband, Dean Sasser, have formed their own production company, Trickster Moon Productions, and are moving into pre-production on their pioneer project, a short film entitled "Blood & Dust".

Bind Casting, Synopsis, and Start Date

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything regarding filmmaker Dan Walton’s planned feature directorial debut Bind, but today that’s all changed.

See The Alternate Ending of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 NOW

With the director's cut of the much maligned film on its way, the supposed alternate ending of Rob Zombie's Halloween II has found its way online. Of course we have it for you. Because we love you. We love you long time.

Synopsis and Early Artwork for 13Hrs

Considering how generally well regarded Dog Soldiers is, it's no surprise a new flick from the UK, 13Hrs, is marketing itself as being "from the producers of" that film. Even so, based on 13Hrs' synopsis and cast & crew, it looks potentially good enough to stand on its own merits.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Paranormal Activity Screening at Your Own Home on a New System

Paramount Pictures keeps on giving to fans of Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity with an opportunity for one of them to win a red carpet screening in his/her home and a brand new home theatre entertainment system to show it on!

Looking for a Three-Way? Dig on the New Clash of the Titans One-Sheet

The third official one-sheet for Louis Leterrier's version of the creature-laden classic Clash of the Titans proves that the third time's the charm!

The Fourth Kind Hitting Home Video in March

Did you miss The Fourth Kind in theatres? Too bad. Yes, it was kind of hokey and, if believed, totally proves the existence of aliens, but it was damned fun.

New Trailer: The Crazies

A new look at the latest Romero flick getting the remake treatment has slipped online just in time for the weekend. Looking for a getaway from all the crazies out shopping for Christmas? Then watch this. It's much safer and far less annoying.

Dante's Inferno Concept Art and Screenshots

Along with releasing the "Gates of Hell" demo on PS3 yesterday (Xbox players will get it on Christmas Eve) and showing off the first issue of its six-episode comic miniseries, the powers-that-be behind EA Games' Dante's Inferno just keep on giving. Up next: A big batch of screenshots and concept art.

See Dr. Giggles at LA's New Beverly with the Good Doctor Himself!

Our friends over at Horror Movie a Day, in association with Phil Blankenship and Amoeba Music, are re-implementing midnight screenings of some of their favorite flicks at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, and on tap for this weekend (Saturday, December 12th to be exact) is the one, the only, Dr. Giggles.

A Short Plague to Leave You Screaming!

Zombie movies. We love them. We need them. We consume them faster than the ghouls who populate them do our flesh. A new short film called Plague has been brought to our attention, and it's without question good enough for us to bring it to yours! Check it out!

Get Ready to Get Itchy with the Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever Trailer

Cabin Fever. Horror fans fell into three groups: Those who loved it. Those who hated it. And those who were confused by the mullet-haired karate kid and his burning desire for pancakes. With all that behind us now, the trailer for Ti West's controversial sequel Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever has debuted, and we have to say it looks pretty badass.

Celebrate 30 Years of Christmas Evil in Austin, Chicago & LA

Who says there's no Santa? Certainly not slasher fans in Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles, who are being given a special treat this holiday season: 35mm theatrical screenings of Christmas Evil!

A Place You DON'T Wanna Go -- 5150 Elm's Way

We don't know about you guys, but when we're told to avoid certain places, instead of using our brains and staying away, we always want to go there and check them out. It's not like we watch a bunch of horror movies that should have taught us differently by now, is it?