New Clips from Next Week's Dexter

Season 4 of Showtime's serial killer charged smash hit "Dexter" is only two episodes in, but it's already packing some serious punch! The Trinity Killer? There's nothing creepier than a naked John Lithgow, I tell ya! Get ready for a couple of looks at next week's installment entitled "Blinded by the Light"!

Fear Clinic Trailers Now Live

A new trailer for Rob Hall's "Fear Clinic" just sneaked its way onto IMDB, and thankfully for you we're friggin' eagle-eyed around here! Get ready to dig on this truly badass trailer as well as they one that originally appeared at the SDCC '09!

Lemmy Shows Us His Hardware

In preparation for Severin's much anticipated October 13th DVD & Blu-ray release of Richard Stanley's 1990 sci-fi/horror epic Hardware, they have produced an exclusive new promo featuring Lemmy of Motörhead. Lemmy recreates his cameo role from the flick as a cabdriver recalling nostalgic memories from the past as he drives through a now dystopian wasteland.

Brad Anderson to Direct The Living and the Dead

Brad Anderson is one of those directors who burst on the horror scene with a super spooky early entry (2001's Session 9) but just hasn't quite lived up to his potential. That could possibly change now that he's been signed to direct the film version of graphic novel The Living and the Dead for Solipsist Films.

The Beacon Screening Info, New Stills

In advance of its 2010 domestic release -- and just in time for Halloween -- comes a sneak preview of The Beacon starring Teri Polo (best actress winner at the 2009 Paranoia Film Festival), David Rees Snell, Elaine Hendrix, recent Emmy Award winner (and newly elected SAG President) Ken Howard, and genre legend Michael Ironside. The movie will screen over six nights in six theaters in six different Texas cities.

Supernatural: Clips & Stills from Ep. 5 and a Tease of Ep. 6

This is the week Supernatural fans have been either looking forward to or dreading, depending on their feelings about Paris Hilton. Me? I can't wait to see what vile and nasty things showrunner Eric Kripke has in store for her!

Splatter Website Opens with a Tease

Talk about a match made in heaven ... or possibly hell ... Roger Corman, Joe Dante, and Corey Feldman are teaming up for a little project called Splatter, which will be Netflix's first ever live streaming web series.

Dark House Nabs Top Honors at 2009 Shriekfest Film Festival

This past weekend the independent spirit of horror filmmaking descended on Los Angeles in the form of the Shriekfest Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival. Now in its ninth year, the festival offered up plenty of scares with both the full-length features that played as well as a collection of fantastic short films.

Tiny Teaser Art for Drive Angry

Over on the official Nu Image website the first bit of teaser art for Patrick Lussier's Nicolas Cage flick, Drive Angry, has surfaced, and even though it's kind of tiny, it's still pretty badass.

Transylmania Red Band Trailer Offers Lots of Naughty

The latest vampiric horror-comedy on the block, Transylmania, just got itself a dirty little red band trailer that should go a long way to entice those of you looking for a something a little spicier than the usual drivel that's shoved down our throats.

Platinum Dunes Signs with Paramount, First Film Announced

So it's official. Michael Bay and company have pulled up stakes and headed over to Paramount to continue their particularly evil ways. Please, powers that be ... keep them away from Paranormal Activity. Just can't imagine that flick with explosions or faux grittiness.

Fairytale Fights Gameplay Footage

We know what you're thinking. "Fairytale Fights? What in the hell is Dread Central covering that for?" Honestly, before we saw the gameplay footage, we were wondering the same damn thing. You guys really need to see this for yourselves!

Mother's Day Behind-the-Scenes Accident Still

Darren Bousman's Mother's Day redux is still rolling up in Canada, and from what we've seen and heard the shoot has been an absolute madhouse, packing more than its fair share of carnage and sick!

Exclusive: Parnormal Activity Boston Reaction Video

A couple of weeks ago Dread Central hosted our own free midnight screening of Paranormal Activity to a sold out crowd hoping to get the shit scared out of them. Was their wish granted? Check out our exclusive video from after the screening!

New Predators Casting News!

A tidbit of interesting casting news for Robert Rodriguez's reboot of Predators has just come down courtesy of Variety, and we've got all the details on this latest hunt.