Marvel to Publish Graphic Novel Based on Stephen King's N.

Another day, another Stephen King story ... at least that's how it's seemed lately. Fans of the author's short story "N." should be happy to learn that Marvel will be publishing N., a new four-part graphic fiction adaptation of King's chilling story in his recently released collection Just After Sunset.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Carriers on DVD

Looking to spread around a few germs this holiday season? Well, we've got a bit of a cooler way to do so than spitting in someone's eggnog! You can win yourself a copy of Paramount's Carriers on DVD and either keep it or infect someone else!

CONTEST CLOSED! Quit Your Holiday Bitchin' With Our Bitch Slap Contest

In the spirit of giving we present to you, our dear readers, a chance to get hit with a mighty Bitch Slap of a contest! Brace your cheeks. All of them.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip from Jennifer's Body Home Video Release

In celebration of the DVD and Blu-ray release of Jennifer's Body, we've landed an exclusive look from one of the package's behind-the-scenes featurettes for you! Dig it! Jennifer's Body Synopsis

I Sell the Dead Getting a Blu-ray Release in March

Anyone who's been visiting this site for the past year knows that we are HUGE fans of the Slamdance award winning zombie opus I Sell the Dead (review here). Word just came down today that the flick will be getting a high definition release along with the DVD! Saints be praised!

First Official Image: Screen Gems' The Roommate

Screen Gems released the first official still from its upcoming psycho thriller The Roommate today, and as you may have guessed, it features the horrified visage of someone who's really not happy with the person she ended up living with.

The Irish Offer a Portrait of a Zombie

Zombies. We can't get enough of them, man. Neither can writer/producer/director Bing Bailey as the trailer for his undead indie effort Portrait of a Zombie has just gone live over at the official Portrait of a Zombie website!

Maneater Trailer Shows Some Teeth

Man-eating beasts. Oh, how we love them. That is, unless we're the ones who are sitting on the damned things' dinner plates. Then they can choke on us and go to hell!

New One-Sheet: After Dark's Lake Mungo

The official one-sheet for After Dark Horrorfest 4's Australian import Lake Mungo made itself a fine little splash today and we've got a quick look at it for you!

New Images from the A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Reshoots

In early December we reported that Samuel Bayer's take on the Wes Craven classic A Nightmare on Elm Street was to undergo some minor reshoots this month, and now, thanks to the wonder of Twitter, a couple of shots from said reshoots have slithered online.

A Forkin' Cool New Crazies One-Sheet

Another new one-sheet has debuted for the Romero inspired remake of The Crazies today courtesy of the good folks at Overture Films, and it has one hell of a point to make. Four to be exact!

Michael C. Hall Looks Toward Next Season of Dexter

This past season of Showtime's hit series "Dexter" was everything that a television show should be. With equal parts comedy, drama, and horror, it delivered an absolute knock-out punch to fans of the series with its final episode.

DVD Releases: Dec. 22, 2009: Enjoy A Four Course Meal with the Captive in District 9

The year's winding down, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few good DVDs and Blu-rays still to be had. Case in point? The pick of the week of December 22nd: Neill Blomkamp's stellar District 9.

RIP Brittany Murphy

Death, no matter how it comes, is always tragic on some level. But it's most tragic when it strikes down those who are still on the young side of the fence. It's with a good deal of both sadness and shock that we report the passing of Brittany Murphy.

New Clip: Diagnosis: Death

In preparation for a DVD release on December 29th, Lightning Entertainment has set loose another clip for Diagnosis: Death. Directed by Jason Stutter, this new horror comedy stars Raybon Kan, Jessica Grace Smith, Suze Tye, and The Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie, Rhys Darby, and Jemaine Clement.