2009 Reaper Awards Round-Up

So they've finally come to pass. Last night the first annual Reaper Awards were held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Cali, and the response was just amazing. So without further ado let's play a little catch-up of what you missed, shall we?

Night of the Creeps Blu-ray / DVD Sneak Peek

When the announcement came that Night of the Creeps was finally hitting Blu-ray and DVD, there was much rejoicing. Lord knows it's been a long time coming! With the release just a couple of weeks away, we've got some cool stuff from the package for you to watch and enjoy!

Fall Down Dead This December

A press release from Highland Myst Entertainment and New Film International recently landed in our mailbox announcing the limited theatrical release of Fall Down Dead. Directed by Jon Keeyes and starring Dominique Swain, Udo Kier, and David Carradine in one of his final horror film roles, Fall Down Dead will open this December in select cities across the country.

Frankenweenie Feature Update

Anyone who's ever enjoyed the fun that is Tim Burton's short film Frankenweenie (and shame on you if you haven't) can attest to its rightful spot as a family horror classic. With a feature length version in the works, we've got an update on what to expect!

Happy Halloween from ArieScope Pictures: The Jack Chop

Holy shit! Those are the only words that came to mind while watching the latest Halloween themed short from Adam Green and ArieScope Pictures. Starring Paul Solet (Grace), Jack Chop is an infomercial that would have Vince (you're gonna love his nuts) from "Slap Chop" pissing in his pants! Watch and enjoy!

Ju-On The Video Game Available Now

Every now and again to remind us that a certain product is coming out, companies send us some really cool stuff in the mail, but XSEED Games has taken the cake with how they sent us over our copy of Ju-On: The Grudge Haunted House Simulator.

2009 Reaper Award Winners!

Tonight saw the teaming of Dread Central and Home Media Magazine for the Reaper Awards 2009, celebrating the very best in horror Blu-ray and DVD, and now we've got the complete list of winners for your!

Daybreakers One Sheet Hits the Web

Daybreakers (review here) is a vampire flick I'm hoping the horror community will get behind: a fantastic concept, an even better cast and a real cool look to it. And while we've got to wait until January 8th, 2010 to find out whether or not it lives up to the hype, we've got the official one sheet for your viewing pleasure in the meantime.

Iggy Pop Loads Up on Hardware

The day is finally here! Severin's much anticipated DVD & Blu-ray release of Richard Stanley's 1990 sci-fi/horror epic Hardware is upon us and to celebrate this long-time coming occasion Iggy Pop recreates his cameo role from the flick as the world's most irritated DJ - Angry Bob!

Three New House of the Devil Posters

Just the other night a couple of Dread Central staffers got together to watch Ti West's The House of the Devil (review here), and if we didn't know any better, we would have sworn we were watching a long lost flick from the late 70's/early 80's. It's just that authentic. As are the three new retro posters that just landed in our mailbox.

Is The Maker's Song Vampire Trilogy Heading to Disney?

Thanks to the advent of Twitter, you just never know where news items are going to come from. Case in point? This blurb from Jim Hill Media: "Wine & dine & run for your lives! Mickey may be getting into the blood-sucking business!" Upon further investigation, it appears what Mr. Hill is referring to is a trilogy of books from Adrian Phoenix known as The Maker's Song, for which Disney has purchased three new Internet domain names.

Three Clips from The Stepfather Remake

Make room for Daddy! On October 16th Sony and director Nelson McCormick will be bringing us their remake of The Stepfather, and to whet our horror whistles we have three clips for you to dig on!

Mother's Day Website Launches

Mama and her boys have found a new home on the World Wide Web. That's right, loonies, the official website for Darren Bousman's remake of the cult classic Mother's Day has opened its doors and is chock full of goodies including an introduction from the director and stars!

Mad Hatter and Mummy Mickey from Medicom

Medicom has held a Disney license for some time now ... sometimes creating beautiful vinyl figures capturing every inch of your favorite characters and sometimes taking that character to extremes we never expected!

Radical Publishing & EerieTube Ask "Are You Infected?"

It's been a little over a year since the launch of Mike Costanza's EerieTube, an online anthology series comprised of terrifying, cutting edge horror webisodes. Now, just in time for Halloween '09, EerieTube, in conjunction with Radical Publishing, is pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity for fans to win some amazing prizes, including a copy of FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency #1.