Tyler Mane to Walk Down Penance Lane

Wondering what's gonna be next for Mane after Michael does his thing this August? He's heading down to indie town, to explore a little known place called Penance Lane.

Summit Ready for Some Conjuring

In the last several decades films based upon real life hauntings have done a lot to both capture the imagination and scare the hell out of movie-going audiences! In fact everyone seems to be scrambling to find the next fact-based shocker to tingle the old spine, most recently Summit Entertainment.

Next Up for a Reboot: The Bride!

Well, here's something we all should have seen coming: Universal and Imagine are getting ready to reinvent The Bride of Frankenstein. And they're in talks with Neil (The Illusionist) Burger to direct and co-write the script with Dirk Wittenborn.

It's a New Moon for Jackson Rathbone

I know how much the Dread Central community loves their Twilight news, which is why I'm proud to deliver the latest straight from the mouth of actor Jackson Rathbone, better known as Jasper Cullen in both Twilight (review here) and its upcoming sequel, New Moon.

Eliza Dushku Dishes on Valediction

So last week the first tiny tidbits of news broke surrounding the Eliza Dushku thriller Valediction. Not a whole hell of a lot was known about the feature then, but oh what a difference a week can make!

The Shrine to Come Before Jack Brooks 2!

Wondering what Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (review here) director Jon Knautz is working on next? For a while we thought it was a return of the monster slayer, but that's not the case.

Official Grace Trailer is Born

The official green-band trailer for Anchor Bay's release of the disturbing Paul Solet chiller Grace has seeped out of the old digital womb today, and we've got it for you, afterbirth and all.

Collector Website Opens its Doors

Just a few days after we ran our exclusive images from The Collector, the official website has now opened up with even more sights to show you!

More Behind-the-Scenes Piranha Carnage

Some more paparazzi photos from the set of Aja's Piranha remake which is now filming in Lake Havasu City, AZ, hit online showing off a bit more bloodshed and fishy hinjinx! Dig it!

UPDATE: Last House on the Left Blu-ray / DVD Details

Details about the August 18th home video release of the Last House on the Left remake emerged today fresh out of the microwave!

Non-bootleg Halloween 2 TV Spot

A non-bootlegged version of the TV spot for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 hit the net today courtesy of Dimension Films in all of its car flipping glory!

A Perfect Getaway: Canadian Style

While we wait for the official US poster for David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway, here's a look at the Canadian version. Considering the film opens August 14th, it probably won't be long before we see what they come up with for those of us in the States.

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Animal

Time for another trip with Trembles. This week we head back to the 1968 "roughie" The Animal.

Natalie Portman and Her Black Swan

There's something dirty sounding about the above headline, no? Sometimes I love my job! Following along in the footsteps of Suspiria and C Me Dance comes another supernatural thriller set within the chilling world of ballet!

Will an E.R. Battle an E.T. on TNT?

Looks like ABC's revamped "V" may not be the only new alien invasion series of the new fall season. Steven Spielberg is producing one for TNT, and he may be eyeballing a former "E.R." doc as the leader of mankind's resistance.