Massive Wrong Turn Trilogy Blu-ray Contest - Week 3

Three Fingers. Three Movies. Three Winners. To celebrate this week's release of Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead we are giving away three Wrong Turn Blu-ray prize packs for the next three weeks ... Welcome to the final week ... or ... the third finger!

Torso Isn't Dead Yet ... So Says Bendis

Torso, by Brian Michael Bendis, is one of the best graphic novels out there. A gritty and gripping hunt for a serial killer, its attention to detail is staggering, and its pace is better than most bestsellers. To say it'd make a great movie is a no-brainer, which is why I'm surprised that it's taken so damn long to get made!

Rob Zombie's Halloween II Returning to Theatres

Halloween weekend is fast approaching. Pumpkins? Check! Costume? Check! New Saw film? Check! Rob Zombie's Halloween II? Ch... What the hell?

The Devil's Hostage Website Now Live

The good folks that gave us Wicked Lake (review) have returned with a follow-up. Satanic horror flick The Devil’s Hostage is on the way, and the official site is now up and running. Read on for more devious details!

DreamWorks Ready to Turn Wicked

And another "young adult" series of books is being readied for the big screen treatment: Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié's Wicked, which encompasses five installments entitled "Witch," "Curse," "Legacy," "Spellbound," and "Resurrection."

Watch The Reaper Awards NOW!

The 2009 Reaper Awards were a lot of fun, and now finally you can watch the event in its entirety right in the comfort of your own home. You don't even have to get dressed up although if you do, our preference is rubber and leather. We're a bit kinky. I want to take a moment to thank everyone in attendance, everyone who voted, everyone who sponsored the event, and everyone who contributed even the smallest of things to make this happening the -- from what I am told -- success that it was. You guys all rock!

Twilight Saga: New Moon Volturi Fighting Scene

Now that we're less than a month away from the debut of Summit Entertainment's The Twilight Saga: New Moon, clips, TV spots, and more are coming fast and furious. On the plate today: the Volturi fighting scene in which Edward and Bella face the powerful Italian vamp coven for the first time.

Saw VI - The Cast and the Creators Speak

Despite the tagline for Saw V, audiences left theaters last year with only one thing to say: “I can believe how it ends.” But one year and another Saw later, the creators insist that fans will be much happier with the new installment.

Final Solution Teaser Trailer is Here

Just yesterday we told you all about the nasty new occurrences being cooked up by some really troublesome Nazis in the new Danish horror flick Final Solution, and now the teaser trailer has crept online for your perusal!

Exclusive: Steve Niles Confirms 30 Days of Night 2 Cast; Talks Trilogy, Shooting Schedule & More!

Moments after the report came in that actors Mia Kirshner, Diora Baird, Rhys Coiro, Harold Perrineau, and Monique Ganderton had joined the cast of 30 Days of Night: Dark Days (the follow-up to 2007's vamp thrill-ride 30 Days of Night), the series’ writer and producer Steve Niles called this scribe to confirm the news (we held off on running this until Sony signed off) and also to provide us details on the flick’s plot, shooting schedule, and more.

Screamfest LA’s The House of the Devil Premiere Report

This scribe hit Rachel Belofsky’s Screamfest LA in Hollywood, CA, last night (as I do every night – extensive video and stills below), where Ti West, the director of The House of the Devil (review here) (screening as the fest’s "Centerpiece Film"), talked up his new series "Dead and Lonely", which begins airing on IFC Monday, October 26th, as well as the dust-up surroundng his Cabin Fever 2 (sort of).

Kingdom of the Spiders Special Edition DVD Specs!

If you've never seen William Shatner's seminal portrayal of Rack Hansen in the 1977 film Kingdom of the Spiders, shame on you! However, come January, 2010, you'll be able to redeem yourself as Shout! Factory will be releasing a Special Edition UNCUT version of the film on DVD.

Director William Malone Talks Next Project -- Phoenix Dust

Recently we caught up with William Malone at the LA Screamfest to get the early word on his next project. Best known for directing The House on Haunted Hill, Parasomnia, and "The Fair-Haired Child" episode of Masters of Horror, we're looking forward to what Bill has cooking next. Which is ...

Forget Me Not Duo Bring First Word on Public Storage

We caught up with director Tyler Oliver and writer Jamieson Stern at the 2009 LA Screamfest, where their film Forget Me Not is premiering tonight, and the duo dropped the early word on their next project Public Storage on us. We figured we'd share because, you know, we can't be keeping all the good shit to ourselves all the time.

Fourth TV Spot - Saw VI

The fourth TV spot for Kevin Greutert's Saw VI has arrived just in time to usher the film into theatres tomorrow. Are you ready to start playing games?